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Top 5 Signs You’re A Foodie

A foodie is basically someone who does not only love food but is passionate about trying new dishes, knows so much about ingredients and sees food as some sort of pleasure.

Signs of A Foodie

There are some signs that show when someone is a foodie and here are five of them;

1. You enjoy cooking and trying different ingredients

If you are someone who not only enjoys cooking, but also wants to try out different ingredients, spices, herbs etc, in your meals, you are most likely a foodie.

2. You like exploring different dishes

Do you like exploring different kinds of foods? Are you always willing to try out something new or different on the menu whenever you visit a restaurant? Then you are most likely a foodie.

Foodies are always willing to explore when it comes to food. They usually have a diverse and adventurous taste in food, and are willing to try anything.

3. You spend time searching for the best ingredients at the market

In addition to trying out new recipes, foodies are willing to spend time in the market searching for the best ingredients for any recipe they want to try.

The common food ingredients do not do it for them. They know the texture of the right ones and how it’ll affect the meal they are about to cook.

4. You explore everything related to food

Do you enjoy reading food magazines? Do you always attend every food festival and food events held around you? Are your favorite social media handles and blogs all about food? Then you are most likely a foodie.

5. You always talk about food

The very first thing to notice about foodies is how they always talk about food. There is always that new restaurant they want to try, that meal that is on their to-cook list and that new ingredient they want to try out.

In addition to this, foodies are always willing to discuss a new meal they just cooked or tasted at a new place. And in addition, they definitely know all the best food spots in town and even the right pronunciation of foods in foreign countries.

Dear foodies, how many of the above are you guilty of?


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