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Tim Cobb Cause of Death: How Did Loretta Lynn’s Dress Designer Die? Explained

Tim Cobb, ’s longtime dress designer has passed away.

How Did Tim Cobb Die?

Tim Cobb, who served as Lynn’s personal assistant for more than 30 years, and designed several of her signature dresses has passed away.

This sad news was announced by the favorite country music icon, ’s official Twitter handle. The statement regarding the Tim Cobb’s death reads,

“The Lynn family is sad to announce that Loretta’s long-time assistant and dear friend, Tim Cobb, has passed away. Tim was Loretta’s assistant for thirty years, beginning in 1982. She loved him dearly, and so did we. Tim was a member of our family, and we are heartbroken.”

Who was Tim Cobb?

Tim Cobb, Loretta Lynn’s personal designer, creates her famously long gowns for her special occasions and performances.

Many of her dresses and personal artifacts are displayed at the Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, which is situated on her home and ranch property in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Some of her famous dress designed by Tim includes the gown she wore in 2010 for her 50th-anniversary performance at the Grand Ole Opry. It is a golden gown with glass beads, and the second one is a light blue dress she wore for the record cover of her Van Lear Rose collection (2004).

Earlier, Cobb stated in an interview that Lynn’s role model Patsy Cline was the one who encouraged her to begin donning long gowns.

Tim was Lynn’s best friend. Apart from costume designer, he was her makeup/hair artist and the curator of Loretta’s museum.


Lynn described Tim as “my best friend as for knowing each other after all these years. He is my personal assistant, but he does everything”

Cobb was born and raised in Lake City, Arkansas. He saw an opportunity when his sister entered beauty pageants and discovered how much the specialty gowns used in pageant competitions cost.

When he was only 17, he created, made, and sold his first dress. He then quickly enrolled in the Fashion College of Design and Merchandising in California.

He started his own business after graduating from college in Arkansas before joining the Les Wilk Company as a pageant line designer.

Tim Cobb’s Career

Tim Cobb moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and started addressing the managers of country music artists to offer his custom creations.

Cobb remembered that he’d created two dresses with Loretta Lynn in mind in a 2017 interview with Country Stars Central. He then found her management’s contact information in a directory at the Country Music Association.

When Cobb brought the dresses to Lynn’s workplaces, Lynn’s office manager fell in love with them and made arrangements for Cobb to present Lynn with them personally.

Cobb said, “I returned later, met this barefooted little girl with long wavy hair, surprised it was the Loretta Lynn!

She loved both gowns and they fit perfectly, so she bought both of them on the spot. Cobb quickly began creating more dresses for Lynn’s television show “Loretta Lynn in Big Apple Country”.

As per OUTvoices Nashville, Lynn said of her relationship with Tim as, “He’s my companion. We know what’s on the other one’s mind. We’re just like a brother and sister. We might fuss, but that ain’t nothing. We say we take care of each other.”

After Oliver “Doo” Lynn, her husband and manager passed away in 1996, Cobb even moved in with Lynn, constructing a new house behind the old house that is a portion of Loretta Lynn’s Ranch’s grounds.

Said Lynn of the arrangement, “Seems we have been together forever and we always will. He built this house, and I live in one wing, and he lives in the other wing of it — but we always meet in the middle to fuss. Ha!”

Tim Cobb Cause of Death

Tim Cobb passed away on Monday, March 13, 2023, at the age of 90. However, Tim Cobb cause of death was not revealed yet.

His friends and family members have shared their heartfelt condolences on social media. Cobb started as Lynn’s assistant in 1982 and over the years created all of her outfits and dresses for her shows.

The native of Lake City presented some of the gifts he created for Lynn to the city’s museum in 2018, along with hand-signed photos and a pair of her stage shoes.

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