“Ticket Costs N40k” – Lady Exposes How to Get Cheap Flights and Travel Around the World

A lady has uncovered the secrets to securing cheap flights to destinations around the world using Google Flights.

The revelation came through a detailed post on TikTok, where the travel-savvy lady demonstrated her method for navigating the Google Flights website to uncover surprisingly low-priced airfares.

The key to finding cheap flights, as explained by the TikToker, is knowing how to use Google Flights effectively.

According to her, the key to unlocking economical flights lies in the site’s ability to maintain a cache of global flight schedules several months in advance.

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By tapping into this feature, users can gain access to a wealth of information about upcoming flights, including those to destinations that are traditionally considered expensive.

In the video, the lady demonstrated her newfound knowledge by showcasing jaw-dropping deals, such as a flight from London to Naples priced at a mere £36 (approximately N40,000).

One noteworthy example presented in the video was a round-trip air ticket from Lagos to London on March 11, 2024.

According to the TikTok user, Google Flights displayed a price of N807,000 for this journey when checked with one of the airlines.

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Netizens Reactions…

@Lol said; “Google flights set things out so nicely and is quick and responsive. I find Skyscanner a pain to use.”

@Naomi Banjo said; “You rejected cookies? And it still worked? I have accepted every cookie known to man and now I’m worried about what I’ve been accepting.”

@Barac Kobama asked; “Is this legit? Can you buy the ticket and fly off?”

@ALICE STAMP asked; “Wait, so I just found out you can reject cookies and keep going onto a site.”

See below;

@aroundtheatlas how to get super cheap flights!! #travel #cheaptravel #fyp #travelhacks ♬ original sound – Around The Atlas🌍✈️

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