Thunder From God Will Visit Anyone Who Refuses To Vote, Says Charles Awurum

Veteran Nigerian comedian, filmmaker and Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum has said that thunder and gonorrhea from God will visit any Nigerian of age who refuses to cast his or her vote in the upcoming elections.

Taking to his Instagram account, the outspoken comedian called on all Nigerians eligible to cast their vote per the constitution to go out in their number to vote or risk welcoming thunder complimented with the sexually transmitted infection, gonorrhea from heaven into their lives.

He added that it is about time Nigerians wise up to prevent politicians from using religion and tribalism to separate and kill them. Charles Awurum also hinted that the youth of Nigeria must wake up and take back their country from bad leadership.

“Make una dey der make politicians use religion and tribalism to kill you… anybody wey no vote this time devil go punish am… God go send thunder wey carry gonorrhea fire you…”



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