“Thinking of Moving Abroad?” – Nigerian Man Shares 3 Affordable Countries to Relocate to With Less Than N2 Million

A Nigerian man known as Dave has sparked interest among Nigerians by suggesting that it is possible to relocate and live in some Schengen countries in Europe with a budget of N2 million.

The travel advisor, Dave whose expertise lies in providing travel advice, particularly focused on Denmark, highlighted the accessibility of European countries for people with a modest budget.

Dave’s post specifically mentioned Denmark as a viable destination, emphasizing the availability of good job opportunities in the country.

He further expanded his recommendations to include other European nations such as Belgium and Norway, all of which are part of the Schengen zone.

According to Dave, the primary challenge for Nigerians considering relocation to Denmark might be the language barrier. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the potential for a successful transition.

A closer look at the information provided reveals that Denmark, Norway, and Belgium are all Schengen zone members.

This means that with a single Schengen visa, people can travel freely among these countries.

Currently, the cost of a Schengen visa is reportedly N79,000 or 80 Euros, making it a relatively affordable option for prospective travelers.

In terms of transportation, a round-trip air ticket from Lagos to Denmark is stated to be $1,115 or approximately N999,000.

This cost includes the necessary flights for those seeking to explore opportunities in the suggested European destinations.

The Schengen visa permits a traveler to stay in any of the countries within the zone for a duration of 90 days.

Netizens Reactions…

@Emp said; “Try any Gulf country. N2m go do.”

@christiankizzy22 said; “Wow, are you sure N2 million can take someone to Denmark.”

@KingSon said; “Brother, I have N7m, and I have already applied for a Canada visiting visa, but I don’t like the visa again. I want to change the country.”

@OpenMind commented; “Everyone is a travel adviser now…….only flight ticket will eat the N2 million naira.” Man joyfully becomes a Ghanaian citizen.”

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