Things To Do When Asking A Lady Out

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– Don’t fidget when you want to ask a lady out

– Always be prepared

Are you this cool guy that loves working behind the scene? You are shy and love keeping to yourself. Or probably you are that guy that loves encouraging others to make the move, yet you like a girl and don’t know how to ask her out and you are scared of confiding in your guy friends because you know they would laugh at you? then this piece is for you!

Below are some tips that would help you

Be ready!

Always smell good and dress have to groom yourself well so that any time whenever the opportunity presents itself, you would be good to go.

Don’t fidget

That is a very important key. When you see a girl you like and you want her to be your friend or to date her then now is the time for you to kill your nervousness. If you know you would be fidgeting, then that is not the time to go and meet her. Calm yourself first.

Don’t stare.


It is likely a lady wont accept your proposal if you stare at the ground. you have to portray confidence when you want to ask a lady out. since this action does not signify confidence, try to avoid it.

Stand upright

This would make you look awkward, especially if you are tall and lanky. slumping your back shows that you are shy, and while shy guys are adorable, this is not a proper moment for you to be shy.

Be simple

Don’t complicate issues. It has been discovered by some experts that girls prefer guys who don’t talk too much, so just take it easy.

Tell her you like her

That is the goal, telling her that you like her. This is not the time for you to start saying all the vocabulary and grammar that you know. speak simple English so that she can be able to understand.

Not every girl would like what you have to offer. if she does not like you, then leave. you cant force anyone to like yo

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