“The Next Customer Go Enjoy” – Man Stuns Many As He Uses Perfume on Bike Rider to Solve Bad Odor Problems

A Nigerian man garnered attention on social media after spraying the perfume he had brought along on a bike rider due to bad odor.

In the video, the young man, whose face was not revealed, was seen holding a yellow case of perfume, which he then sprayed on a bike rider who appeared focused and unfazed.

The caption of the video, ‘Bike men and smell na 5 and 6,’ sparked discussions as people imagined the disrespect involved in treating a bike rider that way.

While some considered his actions normal, others found it very disrespectful towards the bike rider.

Here are some reactions below:

BIG ViC: “‎The next customer go enjoy.”

Nelson2: “‎That’s not nice joor.”

Silent_Talkative: “‎He’s been working under sun 24/7 Leave am alone.”

Your worst nightmare: “‎How do you people feel treating your fellow human like this , just for content??”

Daniel: “‎It would have been better you give it to him instead of just trying to film him make we try deh get sense.”

user9808148088617: “‎If he stab you. Now you go say na smell ?”

SAY LESS: “‎Sometimes sef,you go wear nose mask still dey perceive the odour of their mouth.”

Understanding Girlfriend: “‎This is so disrespectful.”

Jmdnm: “‎If a tear you slap now, shebi you go vex?”


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