The Life and Career of Alejandro Garza Laguera

The life of Alejandro Garza Lagüera is truly inspiring, which reflects a deep commitment to both business excellence and humanitarian values. Alejandro Garza Lagüera, born into the prestigious Garza Sada family, inherited a legacy rooted in the founding of the Cuauhtémoc Brewery. His father’s role as a founder paved the way for a family tradition in the brewing industry.

The leading figure of the Cuauhtémoc Brewery died on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at the age of 97.

Alejandro Garza Laguera’s Biography

Alejandro Garza Lagüera was born on June 10, 1926, into the esteemed Garza Sada family, and inherited a rich legacy intertwined with the Cuauhtémoc Brewery’s founding. He is the second of eight children. Garza Laguera was a stalwart in both business and humanitarian endeavors. He exemplified visionary leadership. Continuing the brewery’s social initiatives, he pioneered corporate social responsibility, envisioning projects that aimed at societal well-being, progress, culture, and justice. His foresight, preceding the era of CSR, underscored a deep commitment to the dignity of individuals and the integrity of families.

Beyond Alejandro’s impactful role in the brewing industry, Garza Lagüera left an indelible mark on education and philanthropy. Garza Laguera was instrumental in establishing the Technological Institute of Monterrey, where he extended his influence globally through positions on the boards of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the Acton Institute. His exemplary Christian life is highlighted by a dedicated book to his wife, reflected not only in his sphere but also in his family and business practices.

Alejandro Garza’s Nationality

Alejandro garza Laguera is a Mexican by birth.

Alejandro Garza’s Family and Siblings

Alejandro Garza Laguera was born into the Garza Sada family, a prominent business family in Monterrey, Mexico. His father was Eugenio Garza Sada, a well-known businessman. Eugenio Garza Sada, in collaboration with Isaac Garza Garza, played a crucial role in the founding of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc in 1890, which later evolved into Fomento Económico Mexicano (Femsa), a major Mexican multinational company.

Regarding Alejandro’s siblings, he was the second of eight children born to Eugenio Garza Sada. His elder brother was Eugenio Garza Laguera, another prominent businessman.

Why is he famous?

Alejandro Garza Laguera is famous for several reasons, primarily due to his significant contributions to the business scene in Mexico and his role in sustaining and expanding the legacy of the Garza Sada family.

Where is Alejandro Garza from?

Alejandro is from Monterrey in Mexico.

How old is Alejandro Garza Laguera?

At the time of his death a few days ago, Alejandro was 97 years old. Alejandro Garza Laguera was born on June 10, 1926.

Alejandro Garza’s Height and Weight

We do not have specific information about Alejandro Garza Laguera’s height and weight.

Garza Laguera’s Career

Alejandro Garza Laguera: Architect of a Business Dynasty

Alejandro Garza Laguera’s illustrious career is intricately woven into the fabric of a family legacy that spans generations. Born on June 10, 1926, into the Garza Sada family, he emerged as a central figure in Monterrey’s industrial endeavors. His father, Eugenio Garza Sada, a prominent businessman, laid the foundation for the family’s success with the establishment of Cervecería Cuauhtémoc in the late 19th century. Alejandro’s journey commenced at the age of 22 when he entered the family business.

Pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility and Educational Advocacy

Garza Laguera’s impact extended beyond the boardroom. It exemplified a commitment to social responsibility and education. Anticipating the concept of “corporate social responsibility,” he not only maintained the pioneering social work of Cuauhtémoc Brewery but also envisioned initiatives that aimed at societal well-being and progress. His foresight, shrouded in initiatives promoting culture and justice, reflected a holistic vision for the betterment of individuals and families. Moreover, his instrumental role in supporting his father’s efforts in creating the Technological Institute of Monterrey and his engagements with institutions like the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the Acton Institute highlighted his dedication to educational advocacy on a global scale.

A Legacy Carved in Business, Family, and Philanthropy

Garza Laguera’s legacy extends beyond business acumen. They embody a rich culture of family values and philanthropy. His exemplary Christian life, documented in his book “Mis años en Cervecería Cuauhtémoc,” portrays a man who cherished not only his professional accomplishments but, above all, the bonds of family. His dedication to his wife, Consuelo Rangel Garza, and their children echoes a sentiment of completeness and a responsible businessman.

Alejandro Garza’s Wife

Alejandro Garza Laguera was married to Consuelo Rangel Garza. He expressed profound appreciation to his wife, referring to her as “Maca,” stating, “This is for you, Maca, the best wife and companion one could have. You have made my life complete,” In the dedication of his book “Mis años en Cervecería Cuauhtémoc.”

Alejandro Garza’s Children

Alejandro Garza was survived by his wife, Consuelo Rangel Garza, and their children: Consuelo (Maca), Claudia, Verónica, Alejandro, and Valeria Garza Rangel.

Alejandro’s Net Worth

He was estimated to have a net worth of $3 billion.

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