The Insignificance Of 3,500 Transport Developmental Levy In FPE Tuition : A CALL FOR REVIEW BY REPORTER G.SONG

Excuse Me,

If am not off course and misguided . Transport developmental levy is a fee charged on the students in order to help address the costs associated with the transportation infrastructure needs and it is a condition for receiving transport welfare from the management of Federal Polytechnic Ede.

The subject now is, to what measures are the poor Students of Federal polytechnic Ede exploring this dividend? Undoubtedly, a substandard and In a position comparatively close to the ground.

Students of Federal Polytechnic Ede have continued to express their dissatisfaction over the deplorable welfare conditions in the School.

The inconvenient and taxing shuttle system long – experienced by Students of polytechnic Ede is becoming a quagmire and a matter of concern, as it has been the main contentious issue amongst the students of Federal Polytechnic Ede since the last 6 years thereabouts of administrations in the School with students frowning at the Polytechnic Authority over the transportation hassle .

Majority of the students of Federal Polytechnic Ede consider the transport developmental levy which is an accompaniment with the school tuition as burdensome and have continued to agitate against the introduction of the 3,500 transport developmental levy in the School fee which they ascribed as insignificant, on the account of ineffectuality with its proposed grounds since Students of the school who automatically subscribed to the so called transport developmental levy through the payment of school tuition till suffer a pain in neck in paying yet another hiked fifty Naira (50 Naira) Shuttle/Bus access fee, manoeuvring their very selves into Poly Buses and Cab (Korope), in sequel of this, Students posits that there is need for re – consideration and review to the transport discomfiture and alleging that their action of the unaffordable transport fare of 50 naira did not mirror the state’s economy .

Oh no!!! Despite Student’s Subscription to the transport developmental levy yet the transport fare is till too exorbitant at the rate of 50 Naira, to and fro is 100 naira. Truthful enough what added value has the transport developmental levy give back to the dear Federal Polytechnic Ede Student learning process and experience, since the unbearable transport fare is a direct attack on the poor students in the polytechnic, who cannot even afford to take hands into their mouths in school.

At this locus of my dancing pen and with deference to the ever – listening management,it is high time the management through the Directorate of Student’s Affair took ground – breaking steps of Consideration to rebate the taxing and unbearable fixed transport fare or perhaps make an abatement to the transport developmental levy if its proposed motive cannot be met.

Looking forward to a favourably consideration of our requests.

Reporter is a pen dancer, Investigative Journalist, Activist and a freelance Social Commentator.

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