Tension In FPE As Estate Management Students And Engineering Students Engaged In Physical Combat (PHOTOS)

NAIJAPARY gathered that some Students of the Estate management and Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Ede yesterday tuesday 20th of March engaged in a physical combat at the south campus of the institution over a trivial issue , issue believed to be related to boarding of the School shuttle Bus.

NAIJAPARY gathered that the incident was triggered following a non – chalant attitude imbibed by a renown student of the faculty of Engineering who had once contested for a post at the Engineering faculty level (Name withdrawn).

The recalcitrant student had his chip on his shoulder as he ordered the cessation of the federal polytechnic Ede School shuttle Bus for his egotistical interest ,and this amount into contention between the students of Estate management and the Students of Engineering where students wrestled and hurt themselves.

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Similarly, a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede who don’t want his name on the print while speaking with our crew lamented that “the difference between the parties had long started,while speaking with his head on his foot he further disclosed that engineering should be respected as the king of the South campus”

Therefore, this is a ringing alarm as attention has been drawn to the school South campus, we quite understand that security as a priority of the institution which has been hand – embracing by the management of the institution, thus effective security must be put in place to curb further unforeseen circumstances that may later occur at south campus of the School.

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