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Jackson gained widespread recognition for her performance as Jade McKellan in the Meg DeLoatch-created sitcom Family Reunion, which airs on the streaming service Netflix. She co-starred with Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Anthony Alabi, Cameron J. Wright, and Jordyn Raya James in the production.

The three-time NAACP award-winning television programme on Netflix known as Family Reunion will become available for viewing on July 10, 2019. Netflix announced in October 2021 that it would be continuing the show for a third and final season, which began airing on October 27, 2022.

Talia is an artist in the recording industry in addition to her career as an actress. She gives acting and singing an equal amount of her time and attention. She works closely with her younger brother Armani Jackson, who is most known for his role as Joey in the television series Chad, to produce all of her own music.

Talia Jackson

Name:Talia Jackson
Age:21 years
Date of Birth:28 August 2001
Husband:Not Married
Net Worth:$500,000

Talia Jackson Biography

Talia Jackson (born 28 August 2001) is an American singer, actress, and social media personality. She rose to fame as Jade McKellan on the Netflix series Family Reunion, Zoe on the series Station 19, and Dusty Gable in the TV movie Raised by Wolves.

Talia Jackson Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Married, Parents, Ethnicity

Talia Jackson Parents

Talia Jackson, who stars on Family Reunion, was welcomed into the world in Madison by her doting parents, Trent Jackson and Kelly Jackson.

The actress has a very strong bond with her parents, who have always been very supportive of her decision to pursue a career in acting. Talia attributes her success to her family and recognises the good fortune she has in having such wonderful parents. Armani Jackson, her younger brother, is likewise very gifted in his own right.

Talia Jackson’s Father Trent Jackson

Trent Jackson, Talia’s devoted father, is an African-American basketball player who formerly played for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Jackson was a member of the Badgers.

It was through a common friend that he was introduced to his future wife, Kelly Jackson, and eventually he fell in love with her. Both had previously attended the Institution of Wisconsin–Madison, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and is a public land grant research university.

The pair had been together for a considerable amount of time before to making the decision, in 1992, to get married. On August 28, 2001, they became parents for the first time to Talia, who was born in Madison. On October 25, 2003, the couple gave birth to their second child, Armani Jackson, making her the youngest member of the Jackson family.

Despite the fact that Trent and Kelly had many happy years together as husband and wife, their union did not stand the test of time and ended. Once living in Madison, Wisconsin together for close to twenty years as a close-knit family, they ultimately made the decision to go their separate ways after they had children.

After seventeen years of marriage, the couple officially ended their union in February of 2009. Following the conclusion of the divorce proceedings, Kelly relocated to Los Angeles, California, United States, with both of her children, Talia and Armani. There, she assisted her children in accomplishing their professional objectives.

Talia Jackson’s Mother Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson is a well-known name in the entertainment industry, having previously worked as a model and actress on a global scale. She is extremely proud of her children, the well-known American actresses Armani Jackson and Talia Jackson.

Kelly, who is now 52 years old and was born on August 16, 1970, spent her childhood in Bay, Wisconsin. After graduating from Southern Door High School, she enrolled in the University of Wisconsin – Madison to pursue a degree in Sociology. Madison was their home until 2009, when they finalised their divorce. At the time, she was married to Trent Jackson.

After that, Kelly relocated to Los Angeles with her children, where she worked as a model for a significant portion of her life. As part of her profession as a model, she visited more than twenty different nations around the world. She has appeared on the cover of several different magazines, including Novias Mexico, Joy Magazine, Chic Diva, and Vogue Mexico, among others.

In addition to this, Kelly is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was the producer of the movie “A Home of My Own.” She went on to produce the documentary “More That Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story,” which was released in 2019.

Both Jim Doyle, an American politician, lawyer, and member of the Democratic Party, and Jessica Laird Doyle, Jim Doyle’s cherished wife, are good friends of Jackson. Jim Doyle is a member of the Democratic Party. Talia is her given name; Jessica and Jim chose it for her kid.

On Instagram, Kelly can be reached at any time by searching for her under the handle @officialkellyjackson. She has over 31.5 thousand people following her on the platform, and she has posted a total of 128 times. She is quite active in promoting the work of her children and has referred to herself as both a mother and the manager of Talia and Armani.

Talia Jackson Career

Talia held her first job when she was only eight years old. As a performer, she went on tour with David Foster and Andrea Bocelli for a combined total of two Christmas seasons. She was also very talented in the areas of music and singing, in addition to acting.

Talia began pursuing a career in acting in the year 2012. She was cast as Alexsia in the movie A Green Story, which was penned and directed by Nika Agiashvili. Talia was one of the guests who appeared on the show together with Shannon Elizabeth, Ed O’Ross, and Billy Zane.

The following year, she made her debut on the small screen in the role of Lisa in the Christmas All Over Again television movie (2013). She acted alongside Sean Ryan Fox, Armani Jackson, and Christy Carlson Romano in the part of High School Girl, but she did not receive credit for her work.

Other roles that Talia has played on television include Dusty Gable in the 2017 series Raised by Wolves and Zoe in the series Station 19. (2018).

In July 2019, she released her first single – I’m not Jealous. She believed in herself thanks to the Netflix series Family Reunion:

The turning point for me was when my show, Netflix’s Family Reunion, wrote an episode where my character sings, and we ended up shooting a music video for it. It gave me the courage to go forward with my songs. Last summer was the first time I actually wrote anything that got released. It was a big step for me; I was terrified.

Thanks to her mother’s support, she managed to overcome her fears:

Thankfully my mother had always seen my love for music—even when it was hidden behind anxiety—so she pushed me to put that first song [“I’m Not Jealous”] out. I hated the song. I loved it when I first heard it and released it, but I’m the type of artist who gets sick of hearing my own voice. It’s not a bad song; it just isn’t the type of music I love [to] make.

In 2020, she portrayed Jade McKellan in the series Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event. In April 2021, she joined the cast of Family Reunion, which returned to television with a new season. Here is how the actress comments on her mission in an interview with MARTECHCUBE:

My goal is to inspire and influence my Gen Z peers through the work I am passionate about, acting, singing, and philanthropy. To encourage them to follow their dreams, no matter their circumstance. Dreams do come true! I’m humbled and excited to live them out every day and make an impact on the world!

She used social media for impressing people. Nowadays, Talia Jackson’s TikTok is a surprising source of inspiration for her fans and the promotion of her personality.

Which of Talia Jackson’s films and TV series have you already seen?


  • 2012 – A Green Story as Alexsia
  • 2012 – Disney English: Friends and Family as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Animals as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Arts and Crafts as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Have a Snack! as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Let’s Have Fun! as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Move Your Body! as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: My Hobbies as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: My Pets as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: My Things! as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Play Time as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: Seasons as Stella
  • 2013 – Disney English: When I Grow Up as Stella
  • 2013 – A Snow Globe Christmas as Lisa
  • 2016 – Christmas All Over Again as High School Girl
  • 2017 – Raised by Wolves as Dusty Gables
  • 2019 – A Family Reunion Christmas as Jade McKellan
  • Completed – Awakened as Ora
  • Post-production – MVP as Angel

TV shows

  • 2018 – Station 19 as Zoe
  • 2019 – 2021 – Family Reunion as Jade McKellan
  • 2020 – Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event as Jade McKellan

Talia Jackson Boyfriend

The actress Talia Jackson has been linked romantically to a man by the name of Chase Leifeld, according to a new rumour concerning the actress’s love life.

There have been hints here and there that the young star might be dating someone, despite the fact that she has never addressed such reports directly. In spite of this, one may have a difficult time locating specific details regarding her romantic life.

Jackson is very open and forthcoming about everything that is going on in both her personal and professional lives. Despite this, she has never disclosed her dating life in a manner that is completely open and honest. And because there is such a dearth of information, several individuals have taken it upon themselves to fabricate some rumours.

It is speculated that Talia was romantically involved with Liefeld, who is also an actress. The actress allegedly started the rumour when she tagged him in a picture from what appeared to be a date between the two of them. The Instagram post was initially published on November 22, 2022, however it was deleted at a later time.

Talia has never acknowledged having a boyfriend or referred to anyone by that title directly. The identity of her boyfriend is perhaps best left to conjecture and excessive reliance on rumours. Even if she and Chase dated in the past, it appears that their relationship is finished now, and it’s possible that the actress is single.

Talia, an upcoming star in the American entertainment industry, is now concentrating on both her acting and singing careers. Her breakthrough came when she was cast as Jade McKellan, the main character in the critically acclaimed and three-time NAACP award-winning Netflix series Family Reunion.

Talia Jackson Ethnicity, Nationality

Talia Jackson belongs to a mixed race. Her mother is white, while her father is African American.

The actress, as well as her father, faced some unpleasant situations due to her skin colour. While acting in Family Reunion, she had to delete her Instagram account:

When the show first came out, I literally had to delete Instagram from my phone because all of the comments on there were negative toward me in a sense. Like, “Why is she so light?” “Why is she trying to play a black girl?” I’m not trying to play a black girl. I’m trying to play a mixed girl.

Talia Jackson is a hard-working actress who is considered to be the rising star of her generation. She continues to advance her career as an actress and singer, growing her fan base and reaching new heights.

Talia Jackson Net Worth

Talia Jackson has an estimated Net Worth of $500,000.

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