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Chief Adeyemo hails from Aladinkun compound, Modeke, Igboho, Oorelope Local Government Area. He grew up normally like any other child but began to manifest traits of unusual stubbornness and toughness as a teenager.
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Chief Adeyemo hails from Aladinkun compound, Modeke, Igboho, Oorelope Local Government Area. He grew up normally like any other child but began to manifest traits of unusual stubbornness and toughness as a teenager. According to him, he was born 47 years ago in Igboho in Oke-Ogun, Oyo State.

He attended primary and junior secondary schools in Igboho before moving to Modakeke in Osun State with his father. His last school in Igboho was Baptist High School. He relocated with his father to Modakeke where he grew up fighting in the community. He learnt a vocation and fraternised with NURTW members, but he is not known as a major member of the union.

He adopted the nickname ‘Igboho’ in Modakeke. He was described as the son of an Igboho man.

Sunday Igboho is the nickname of Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo, a popular personality who means several things to several people. To some, he is a human rights activist because of his recent clash with the Fulani community in his locality, to others, he is a politician, and businessman, while some perceive him to be a political thug.

Igboho has captured major news headlines in Nigeria because of his clash with the Fulani community in Igangan town of Ibarapa, Oyo state. This caught our attention and we decided to compile information about Sunday Igboho Biography and Net Worth and others.

Sunday Igboho Age

Sunday Igboho has become the topic of discussion in Nigeria and probably around the world which has caught our attention and propelled us to write about Sunday Igboho Biography and Net Worth. Sunday Igboho was birthed on the 10th of October 1972 and he hails from Igboho town, Oke Ogun, Oyo State, the southwestern region of Nigeria.

Sunday Igboho Modakeke war

In 1985 he moved to live with his father (popularly known as Baba Igboho) in Modakeke area of Osun state where he started off as a motorcycle repairer before he later ventured into sales of automobiles. He was a victim of the violent outburst in 1997, between neighboring Ife town and Modakeke town which caused his father to move from Modakeke back to Igboho town in Oyo state. But Igboho continues to live in Modakeke.

In the year 2000, after the riot receded, Igboho was made the youth leader, also he was made chairman of motor bicycle riders in Modakeke, which generated conspiracy because he is not a native of Modakeke area of Osun state, this facilitated his relocation to Ibadan in the same year. Igboho has 21 siblings, brothers and sisters, not much is being said about his educational background but he is a very exposed person and can relate even in English language though not so fluent. Igboho gained international recognition for the part he played in the Modakeke/Ife war between 1997 and 1998 where he helped defended the Modakeke people.

Sunday Igboho arrest

Also, during the impeachment saga of Rashidi Ladoja, the former governor of Oyo state, by showing his support and allegiance to the then-governor. He described the former governor as his mentor, even though he acclaimed not to be a politician and has never contested for any political position before. Fast track to his family life, Igboho is married to two wives who are currently not residing with him in his Ibadan mansion. It is speculated that his wives live outside of Nigeria in different countries precisely Canada and Germany. Many Nigerians believe that Igboho possesses metaphysical powers because of the nature of his work and his attitude.

Sunday Igboho Lifestyle

So, what will a man with an estimated net worth of $500,000 do with his huge money? For sure, we know that he owns quite a handful of cars and houses. Igboho is a lavish spender although lives a middle-class lifestyle. Nonetheless, he has fleets of cars which we are yet to know how many and the model. Also, he has a lot of houses most of which are in Oyo state, chiefly among them is the mansion built in Ibadan where he resides.

Sunday Igboho Cars

Sunday Igboho Personal Wife and Family

Aside from Sunday Igboho Net Worth, another area of interest about this popular Nigerian figure is his family. Many Nigerians are unsure if this human rights activist is married, being that he lives alone in his mansion in Ibadan, Oyo state. During the course of compiling this informative piece, we gathered that Igboho is of the Christian faith but also a known traditionalist. He is believed to possess mystical powers (Juju) that make him untouchable. Igboho is married to two wives, and both of them and their children are not resident in Nigeria. His first wife, whose name we are yet to know resides in Canada with their 5 children. While his second wife whose name also we are yet to know resides in Germany with their 6 children. This means Igboho has eleven (11) children. Interestingly, three of his children are established being that they are professional footballers playing in Germany.

Sunday Igboho Wives

Sunday Igboho Political Activity

Sunday Igboho Biography and Net Worth will not be complete without mentioning his political activities. Igboho is involved in politics in Nigeria, and it serves as a source of wealth fueling his net worth. Igboho was inspired to join politics right from when he was in Modakeke, however, in 2002, he joined politics fully when he moved to Ibadan, Oyo State when he met with Lam Adesina, former Oyo State Governor through a courageous step while trying to defend the rights of a senior citizen and other people at a fuel station. It didn’t stop there, Igboho further went on to work with former Governor, Rasheed Ladoja and soon rose up to be one of his most trusted aides.

Is Sunday Igboho a Human Right Activist?

He is considered to be a human right activist by some Nigerians because of how he fights for fairness and abuse of the mercies. He is known to help the helpless using his influence to recover what was rightfully theirs. However, his recent action to send the Fulani community packing from the southwestern part of the country because of their perceived involvement in killings, kidnapping and communal riot due to cattle encroaching into farms and destroying their farm produce. For this action, Igboho is described as the Akoni Oodua of Yoruba land, because he is believed to be fighting for the right of the Yorubas.

Is Sunday Igboho a Political Thug?

From what we gathered, he is close to prominent and high profiled politicians, especially those from the southwestern area of Nigeria. In fact, his political journey began with a fraternity with the former governor of Oyo state who was to be impeached. Igboho has been called upon on several occasions and used by several politicians to carry out an assignment or the other, especially during the political campaign period. For this reason, he is referred to as a political dog, an errand boy for politicians.

Sunday Igboho House Burnt

The latest news surrounding Igboho is concerning his burnt house. The incident occurred a few days after he led some youth and aggrieved residents to Igangan in the Ibarapa area of Oyo State to remove the Fulani leader there, Salihu Abdukadir, and also send the Fulani community packing. This is Sunday Igbohos house that was set ablaze by unknown hoodlums. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning when his younger brother living in the old house ran to him around 3:30 a.m., reporting the situation of the house stating that some persons came with guns and were shooting and they set the house ablaze. Igboho made it known that, by the time he will get to the house, the perpetrators were nowhere to be found. The culprits are still unknown, their whereabouts and identity still remain a mystery. Igboho has registered his displeasure concerning the incidence.

Sunday Igboho House Attack

Sunday Igboho Net Worth

Concerning his worth, we were able to find out the estimate of his net worth which is currently estimated to be $500,000 as of the time this article was compiled. We also found out that Igboho is a businessman who is into car dealership (Adeson International concept Ltd.), a trade he began since 1996 right from Modakeke. He imports cars and trailers from European countries such as Germany and United Kingdom.

Igboho also owns several petrol stations which are majorly in Oyo state (Adeson petrol and gas). Sunday Igboho Net Worth though is estimated to be $500,000. The Yoruba activist is a known businessman and also into politics which are his major source of income through which he is able to fund his lifestyle.


Our discussion about Sunday Igboho Biography and Net Worth, you can from a glance have comprehensive knowledge about Igboho including his wives, net worth, and other information. Igboho is currently the talk of the nation and his recent action is feared not to bring about an ethnic uprising in Nigeria with other ethnic groups, precisely the affected group threatening to retaliate.

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