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SUG DUES: Angry MAPOLY Students Attack Union Over Payment

Following the release by Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Student Union Government urging for a quick payment of the ‘SUG dues’, students have taken to their social platform to question the payment for such dues.

As observed by Press Club Mapoly, the students faulted the union on the amount levied and its disbursements.

The release signed by the SUG President, Owoiya Rasaq, stated that payment would commence September 12th, 2018 at the school microfinance bank.

‘All Full-time students at all levels would pay the sum of N1,100.
‘N700 would be paid as SUG dues
‘N200 would be as Insurance dues
‘N200 would be paid as Campus Alert dues’

Some students who expressed mixed feelings various WhatsApp groups, as monitored by Press Club Mapoly, recalled how payments like such have been made without visible use.

A WhatsApp handler known as Herdayhoye said, “we have just less than 4 month to go, why this SMS alert fee and insurance fee again? Which SMS have you been sending since you have been inaugurated?”

Another handler known as Com. EOG said “Is there any tangible explanation for SMS alert and insurance?”

“Don’t come and sting us after we all stood in the scorching sun voting for you. Common whatsapp that we use to clamour our grievances to you people, your response is 1% not to talk of giving us alert. Please leave alerts and use memorandum to send important information to our departmental delegates. Or do you want to wish us happy birthdays or examination quotes with the alert money?”, Oluwatofunmi Asadeji wrote

“IB poly SUG make sure that every student receives alert that they paid for. But for Mapoly it is the opposite of it. I just hope this administration makes an amendment as regarding that”, Vivian said.

One handler known as KiiteKiisha World said, ”
Since ND we’ve been paying for campus alert yet, i have never received any alert on my phone.”

However, the SUG executives are set to attend a debate on Thursday by PCM where some of this impending issues would be addressed.


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