“Lacram lappur” Lacram lappur has successfully outlived active retention Students aren’t really into school that much, they are in the building having to cram knowledge because
cramming has found success among some students for its ability to pack large amounts of information into a short amount of time.

Every student in our universities and polytechnics are familiar with this,putting off studying for that exam until the last minute, then pulling a caffeine-fueled all-nighter in an attempt to cram as much information into their heads,well with no verbosity I understand that it’s important for students to cram something difficult ,herculean and necessary because in education today cramming is a way of turning a possible gangplank into a teeter-totter but In terms of what’s going on in the brain, the neural connections being formed during the cramming process are temporary.

All of the information being stored is in the short-term memory. So while cramming can help you rock that test tomorrow morning, when it comes to long-term remembering, it’s utterly useless.

However, Cramming is often encouraged by educators in our tertiary institutions today because with no ballyhoo or gainsaying, academically, intellectuality today has been defined and has been proven as the level of putting down on sheet word for word,a termed verbatim, it’s expected of students to write exactly what is given as material in class and students are not encourage to go on further research since any knowledge rather than the educator”s will be mark down vehemently , Comically, I sat for a test ,but it was so worrisome hearing this from the educator “yes you are right but this is not what was provided, don’t go outside my note”.

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However the hurried coverage of material tends to result in poor long-term retention of material, days ago I was reading a book of H.E Gorst ,I found the book interesting,
H.E. Gorst stated in his book, ‘The Curse of Education’, “as long as education is synonymous with cramming on an organized plan, it will continue to produce mediocrity.

Students will resoundingly agree that it’s an abhegation that Western laziness,dilatoriness and torpescence constitute to the cramming of our lives and knowledge with compulsive activity but the crux of the matter is that cramming has been constituted by lecturer’s /tutor’s lackluster and lackadaisical drive to knowledge, the bottomline is that the scheme of marking which is a system for awarding points for correct answers or for proficiency has capitulated to a bottleneck,the scheme of marking are stiff – necked by institutions whereby leaving the poor students with an option than cramming rather than cultivating a way yielding to cogitation and active retention.

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Conclusive,since it’s said that educators are building the future of students,then temporality (cramming) should be circumscribed but perpetuality, I will recommend that in bringing out the best in scholars of nowadays a Uniform Marking Scale, in standardising the marking of papers across different examination boards should be employ whereby flexibility must be adopted,a semantical approach to student’s work not necessarily word for word.

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