“Stop bringing your single friends to your matrimonial home” Mr Jollof cautions married women (Video)

Nigerian comedian and entrepreneur, Freedom Atsepoyi better known as Mr Jollof has cautioned women against bringing their single friends to their matrimonial home.

Probably reacting to the news of celebrity stylist, Medlin Boss’s alleged affair with her friend’s husband, Mr Jollof stated that someone snatched her friend’s husband, hence, the reason he decided to counsel married women.

The comedian opined that when a married woman becomes too close to her female friend, the friendship can become sexual.

According to him, they could take things to the extreme and include the husband in a threesome.

Mr Jollof added that this can lead to a crisis in the marriage as the man starts to fancy the other lady for being younger than his wife.

He cited instances where the woman caused a crack in her marriage by allowing her friend to be very comfortable in her matrimonial home such that she asks the lady to cook for her husband or to assist in dropping the kids’ with her husband.

The comedian said in such cases it may not be right to accuse the man of not being strong enough to control himself whereas it was the woman that caused it.

“How many times will I warn you all not to bring your single friends to your matrimonial home? Now it has happened again, and you all are asking me what I have to say.

The Genesis of this is when two friends become too close they start to such each other i.e become lesbian and some graduate to doing a threesome with their husband. Sometimes the men become greedy, they feel their wife is now an old cargo and the single one has more juice that would make them befriend the single ones”

Medlin Boss accused of sleeping with her bestfriend’s husband

This is coming on the heel of celebrity stylist, Mimi Yina better known as Medlin Boss alleged affair with her friend’s husband.

Popular anonymous blog, Gistlover, posted a series of screenshots of Whatsapp chats allegedly between Medlin and her friend’s man.

The messages showed how Medlin was having a secret and amorous relationship with her bestie’s husband and father of five kids, and she even got him to send her N2 million.

In the chats, Medlin and Nimi’s husband were sending each other loved-up good morning and good night texts, prayer messages, and pictures of them going about their day.

The leaked chat also showed the moment the friend’s husband was jealous after Medlin posted a photo of herself with another man on her Instagram page.

The married man ordered his wife’s friend to delete the photos and told her he did not like seeing her with other men in that manner.

What stood out from Medlin’s chats with her friend’s husband was how she continued to use endearing words with him, such as ‘Obim’ and other sweet names.

Since the news broke out, the stylist has been filthily dragged on social media.


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