“Stay With Your Kids” – Viral Nanny, Rosie Shows Off Her Three Children For The First Time

Rosie, a nanny who went viral on social media for loving the children of her employer, has shown her own children in public for the first time.

Before beginning her career as a nanny, she had previously disclosed in an interview that she was the mother of three children—two boys and one girl.

In the video, Rosie sat down with her children, and her adult daughter was shown playing happily with her mother.

The nanny also revealed that the family she worked for in Lebanon before was a nice one and welcomed her completely.

After seeing the video, a lot of people had the opinion that they didn’t think Rosie would have three kids given how young she appeared.

Watch the video below…

@benniexperience1♬ Osiepe – Prince Indah

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