SocialMediaTrends: “Boko Haram never claimed responsibility for missing NAF jet” Nigerians debate on B’Haram viral video

Nigerians on social media have faulted Boko Haram claims that it shot down a Nigerian Airforce (NAF) Alpha Fighter jet mid-air.

The Jihadist group had on Friday released a video showing the aircraft, reportedly on a mission to support troops fighting militants in the North-East, exploding before it crashed.

It also showed a militant standing on the wreakage of the jet which bore the Nigerian flag and number NAF 475.

In the video, the militant could be heard saying that, “The Nigerian Airforce, jet fighter, plate number 475 was sent to Sambisa to fight the Mujahideen. Now Allah has made it clear that none can fight with Allah because this is the evidence of what Allah has done today.

“Now our message to you; there’s no how you can fight the people of Allah. Now we are calling you to repent. The only way for you now is to repent and come and worship Allah because that is the only way out for you”.

The NAF has since dismissed claims that the aircraft earlier declared missing was shot at by the insurgents, adding that the cause of the crash and the whereabouts of the two pilots onboard were unknown.

“Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing by NAF surveillance aircraft as well as NAF Special Forces and Nigerian Army troops on ground,” its statement relased on Friday read.

However, claims that Boko Haram shot down the fighter jet has been subjected to heated debates online as some Nigerians have argued that the crash was unconnected with the terrorist group but that the jet may have suffered a technical trouble mid-air.

The argument was further backed with the fact that the group in the viral footage never claimed responsibility for the attack but attributed the incidence to divine providence; “Allah”.

Some also argued that the group lacked the capacity to gun down a jet adding that if it did, then the country’s air space was in jeopardy.

See how Nigerians reacted:


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