Small Doctor Claims How a Woman He Has Never Met Before Once Sent Him Millions of Naira, Just Like That. (Details)

Yea, just like that. Such Generosity, Biko read his post below!

Continue from the screenshot below!

”Naso One Public Transport Bus Wey Convoy Shift Slightly Scratch My Side Mirror?♂️ As I No Fit Complain Not To Worsen The Matter If Bois Sight Me Naso I Wine Down Small To Adjust My Side Mirror.

One Driver For The Convoy Sight Me Come Press Horn Take Hail Me Based On Say Oga Dey Inside Car He No Fit Talk?, Naso I Hail Am Back With Horn.

Few Min Later, This Time Was Around 4:30 Some Heavily Armed Men Came To My Car Saying Oga Move Dey Follow Us ? I Was Like Wetin Happen.

They Never Waited To Hear From Me They Just Dey Clear Road Dey Go.

Still Wondering Tho路♂️ And Again I Dey Happy??.

As We Approach The End Of The Hold Up I Saw The Same Convoy That Made The Public Transport Driver Scratch My Car, On Getting To The Spot.

The Armed Men Got Into The Security Van And Zoom They Moved Without Uttering A Word Or Either Waiting For Any Appreciation.

Time Is 5:02. Just From 7Up To The Next Bus Stop 30min And I Still Dey Go Island.

Immediately I Zoomed And Followed The Convoy Based On Say Na Still The Same Route Make I Enjoy Power Small?.

We Departed In Ikoyi Dem Leave Me With My Cross? Thank God Me Too Don Reach Where I Dey Go.

Entering The Venue It Was Already My Call Time The Hype Man Don Dey Hype Down Wey Una Never See Artiste ?. Naso I Enter Stage Do My Thing??.

On My Way Home We All Was Still Amazed At What Happened . How Unknown People Saved My Career And Reputation??.

Weeks After I Got A Dm From A Very Beautiful Woman Saying She Was The One Who Instructed Some Armed Men To Come Get Me In The Hold Up?.

How Did You Know It Was Me Ma? She Said Her Driver Told Her…

I Was Like Momma Do You Know You Saved A Generation? She Laughed? For My Mind I Was Like She Doesn’t Know What She Did.

Naso I Compose One 2A Book Note Take Thank Her. She Asked About My Mum? I Was Like She’s Doing Good.

Next Text Was Please Can You Send Me Her Account Number? ???… Was Like Uhhhhhhhh. I Kuku Send Am…

I Slept Off . Waking Up To Her Dm Of A Transaction Been Made?????… So Many Zeros…

I Messaged Back With Tears , Asking Her Mummy Why Did You Do This? She Said She’s A Fan And She Knows I Appreciate My Mum.

She Decided Not To Ask For My Account Details Because She Knows So Many Of Such Would Have Occurred To Me.

So She Decided To Give My Mum Cos She Adores Hers A Lot Too..
I’m Still In Shock Till Now…

Naso iya TEACHER Called Me That Why Did I Send That Huge Money, That Do I Want Her To Keep It For Me? Naso I Narrate Matter Give Her…

Prayer Won Finish From Where She Dey Get Am…

The Funniest Part Is My Mum Keeps Saying She Wants To Go And Say Thank You To The Woman, Likewise I Want To Go And Prostrate At Her Gate For Appreciating My Amor.

Madam Is Always Busy, We Have Made Appointments For Like Several Times But Things Always Pops Up From Her Side.

She Said Abroad Is Her Leisure Place That We Can Get To Talk There, I Travel Go.. Madam Busy Oooo…

Anywhere You Are Mrs TAIWO I Want You To Know My FAMILY Appreciates You Till FADE. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.. AMEN??…


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