Six Things Your Spouse Really Wants to Hear from You

Six Things Your Spouse Really Wants to Hear from You

When you first met your spouse back in the days, you said the words I LOVE YOU. And then you stopped. You hardly say anything else even now that you are married to the person. Even I LOVE YOU that you said then is now something you hardly tell your spouse.

Just before you think that you don’t need the words, I LOVE YOU, in your marriage, I intend to burst your bubble by giving you six things your spouse really wants to hear from you but you are not saying. I suppose that after reading this piece, you will turn a new leaf and tell your spouse the words that will make your marriage a heaven on earth.

1. You matter most to me.

We all want to hear that we’re special to someone and when we hear those words, it means the world to us. Sometimes, you can initiate to your partner what you want to hear back, so if they mean the world to you, tell them.

2. I love the way…

Fill in the blank–something that they do that pleases you. Praise, praise, praise. Often we’re so critical of ourselves and others that we forget to say what’s right. Here’s your opportunity. What do you love about your partner? Don’t keep it to yourself. Tell them, and tell them often.

3. Although I don’t “need” you, I love to spend time with you.

There’s a difference between “need” and “want.” Need sometimes can mean that we’re deprived in some area, less than. Want is used when you feel whole on your own but desire to do things together. It’s important to remember your strength in a relationship. You’re together because two complete individuals want to share a life with each other.

4. I think you’re great to look at.

Flattery gets you everywhere. Tell your partner when they look “hot,” and watch them smile and blush.

5. We have such fun, don’t we?

Again, let something good be said. After all, you’re not with this person to only share the bad times. So, continue to create more good times together.

6. I want to grow old with you.

The highest compliment you can give someone is wanting to be together throughout a lifetime. So, with love in your heart, use words so they can feel how much you care.

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