Six Pleasures and Pains of Being Beautiful

Everyone is beautifully made by God, but there are some humans specially created by Him in such a way that they make others look like they were created by His apprentice. What I find annoying these days is how people now mistake fine to mean beautiful.

When a girl is told she’s fine by a guy looking for where to ease himself, she starts thinking she’s as beautiful as the winner of a beauty pageant.

Don’t get me wrong, every lady is beautiful, but there are some that stand out with all the right curves, pretty complexion, height and pretty face just to mention a few. If you think you are that beautiful and you don’t face one or more of the disadvantages of being beautiful in a day as listed below, then you really need to have a re-think.

1. You get too much attention

This is one of the reasons why majority of them become runs girls unknowingly. Every guy wants a taste of what she’s got in her cookie jar. They are ready to do anything just to get to know her, even if it means becoming a doormat for her to dust her feet on. The attention they get usually starts from when they are little girls; they get spoiled a lot as they escape punishment when they make that pretty face look pitiful. Daddy’s even falls for it as she takes advantage of it to get chocolates from him. She grows into being a popular girl with her name on the lips of every guy in the neighborhood who all want to date her. She relegates such guys into different levels of
friend-zone as she aims for big boys alone. You do know what I mean by big boys, right? The range rover type.

2. Your superiors would want to date you

Who no like better thing? When I say superior, I mean her lecturers or bosses. These old men are stealing these babes from us. A pretty babe stands the chance of graduating with grades better than that of her less pretty counterparts who are brilliant than her. She might not even need to go see the lecturers in charge of certain courses, their “opolo” eyes will lead them to her. When she fails to succumb to their request, they threaten to fail her. Beautiful girls usually get employed faster because recruitment agents and CEOs love good things.

3. Decent guys will be scared of you

A pretty girl will certainly adorn herself with expensive clothes, jewelries and nice cologne. Such girls are often seen with the most expensive mobile gadgets. The worst part is that they don’t go with only one, they carry two. How won’t she be able to afford it when CEOs, HODs and yahoo boys are on the prowl, footing all her bills. With so much expensiveness oozing out of her, a decent low earner can only talk some sense into his head by running away from her. Some might even think she’s an ogbanje cos they find her beauty and out of this world. Funny enough, she might be holier than thou.

4. Your standards will be high

Yes o! Both the ones you set for yourself and the ones by the society. You never want to be caught looking cheap or unkempt. You want your hair to always look shimmery. All these things can really drain you as you lose yourself just to please people whom you think are eagerly waiting for your downfall.

5. Females beef you

Is this world where jealousy reigns, a dog-eat-dog world? Why do females beef themselves? They never accept the fact that another is better than them unless something humbles them. This is why most pretty girls prefer to keep male folks around them, most of which her just in the friend-zone. Any shortcomings of the beautiful girl becomes a huge news for her enemies to spread as if she blew up a church. They go about soiling her image by calling her a prostitute for having so many guys hang around her. One girl once told me that a certain very gorgeous girl had bad breathe. Rubbish! Girl wey me I dey plan to kiss.

6. Prone to being proud

This is why I dislike beautiful girls. They get carried away by the attention they get. They get compliments a lot as guys call them angels to the extent that they actually start thinking they are one. They walk with shoulders high and look down on others as if they are the ground they walk on. This attitude makes a lot of them miss their true love as they get fooled by sugar daddies and yahoo boys ever willing to spend. If you are a beautiful girl, I’ll advice you drop pride because after pride cometh a fall.

Written by: Adewole Segun

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