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The most-anticipated season 4 of the Big Brother Mzansi reality TV show, tagged ‘S’ya Mosha’ has officially launched. This season’s housemates who are from various backgrounds will be jostling and competing for the grand prize of R1 million worth of gifts for the next 10 weeks.


Name:Sinaye Kotobe
Age:24 years old
Hometown:Eastern Cape
Occupation:Self employed
Nationality:South African

Sinaye Biography

Sinaye is 24-year-old from Eastern Cape. He is leaving a long-term relationship to be in this house, so no mjolo for him?

Sinaye Career

Beautiful people, My name is Sinaye Kotobi. I’m 24 years old and hail from Eroi, in the Eastern Cape. I am Big Brother Mzansi’s season four housemate, S’ya Morsha. So the main reason why I decided to come to Big Brother Mzansi was for the opportunities that it comes with. You know, I’m currently self-employed, and any business owner knows that income cannot be consistent at times.

So I decided to come here and just explore every single asset of mine and see what opportunities the show is going to bring for me. My strategy going into the house is to just be the best possible version of myself that I can be.

I’m not going to put any pressure on myself; I’m just going to go out there, be the authentic version of Usnaia that there ever was, and just hope for the best. Siya morsha means to me, have fun, be creative, and be authentic.

I’m going to show you guys how to morsha, but in a responsible way, because at the end of the day, we are responsible citizens. My worst-rated groove is definitely the fact that I cannot dance. Think of the worst person that you know who cannot dance; I’m worse off than them.

Definitely my favorite Mzansi disruptor would be the late great aka, I just like this energy, I like the spirit, you know, the way it was just unapologetic about what you wanted to say. I will handle unexpected situations by first taking a deep breath and just analyzing and assessing the situation, and then from there on, I will just let my mind do the rest.

What my pet pee would be is people making empty promises. I would definitely describe myself as a cognac, because when you drink a cognac, things start happening; you know, you feel strong, you feel confident, and that’s me.

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Sinaye BBMzansi Net Worth

The estimated Sinaye BBMzansi net worth is Unknown at the time of writing this article.

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