Side Chick Addresses Backlash: Date My Father If You’re Pained

After going viral for sharing loved up video with somebody’s father, side chick tells those dragging her to go ahead and date her father if they are pained by her actions.

Recall that she was posted for dating somebody’s father after the daughter shared a Tiktok video exposing them.

Since then, many Netizens have stormed her social media page to call her out, warning her to leave the man alone.

The side chick who seems to have found love with the man told them to leave her alone and date her father for his money as well.

In her words;

“if e dey pain una say na person papa i dey date. madam fine my own papa make you date too e get money to spend for you my sister”

See the post below

Netizens trooped to the comment section to leave their reactions, some below

@Zilly Bshine👽⭐️💥 said: “Some of Una papa no get spec oh 💀💔”

@dahmielola Tomesyn🤍 reacted: “My father my father watin be dis😭😭😭😭😭”

@👿😇 said: “With your poor quality camera android phone and cheap synthetic wigs😂 Which money the man dey spend on you 😂5k, 10k na money 😂 See her room😂”

@Chillas_Luxury wrote: “With all the dating, see where you dey stay🤣🤣 your sugar daddy no get sugar oh🤣”

@🤍🫧 commented: “See wetin that girl papa Dey chop🤣 shame no go gree me hiaan”

@lahbahke1 advised: “If you wan date person papa atleast date the one wey go give you better money nau, not the one wey go Dey help you pay grooming Abi lapo money. 🤦‍♀️”

@FEMI 🥹😌❤️ begged: “Abeg leave person papa make him go house 🙂”

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