“She Dey Fight Demon” – African Mother Causes Buzz As Daughter Takes Her Out to Play A 3D Reality Game, Video Trends

A heartwarming and humorous video of a daughter treating her elderly African mother to a 3D reality game in a mall has gone viral, delighting netizens worldwide.

The lady decided to introduce her elderly mom to the world of virtual reality gaming during a visit to a local mall.


The result? A hilarious adventure that left the elderly woman screaming for divine intervention.

As soon as the VR game started and the 3D glasses covered the grandmother’s eyes, it became apparent that the experience was not what she had anticipated.

Her discomfort quickly turned into a series of comically frightened reactions as she continued to shout, “the blood of Jesus,” seeking divine rescue while still playing the 3-D game.

The video, which has since gone viral, showcases the elderly woman’s genuine shock and awe, leading to an uproar of laughter from those present at the mall.

The daughter, capturing the entire event on her smartphone, can be heard laughing affectionately in the background.

Netizens across the globe have joined in on the amusement, flooding social media platforms with comments and reactions.

Netizens Reactions…

@Evamarcel-wealth said: “African mothers and drama ehh na 5&6. My mama for don jump up from that chair begin shout die by fire tey tey.”

@christabel the billionaire said; “Noooo na mummy calm down.”

@Serena wrote: “The way my mum will throw it on the floor ehn.”

@blessing replied: “If na me sef I go pray.”

@Tochi added: “Why you do mummy like this.”

@nvm•imole said: “Jesus Christ. My daughter my daughter. The blood dor finish.”

@Peachy presh replied; “What my mum can do too.”

@Yanchi reacted: “If na my mama e go say the lord rebuke the devil.”

@dmb said: “my mama go break the glasses and tell me that she had a dream about the thing she saw in the glasses.”

@Anita wrote: “Why you do my mama like this?”

@Esebenin-girl said: “We’re siblings, that my mama.”

@Micheala added: “Aunty was fighting for her life.”

@Hairs by Rica wrote: “Why did you decide to give momsy stress and nightmare.”

@prettyp767 said: “My mom go start to call fire down.”

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