See 11 Reasons Your Girlfriend Has Stopped Loving You

They say when a woman falls out of love she begins by mentally divorcing you.

They never just up and leave, they start by not calling you then creating excuses and before you know it she is someones baby mama. When a woman loves she loves for real that being said, it also means when she is done with you there is no going back.

Sometimes she might stay with you for the money or perhaps because she hasn’t found someone better. But before you start wondering what happened look at these reasons and either clean up your act or just know she will never love you again.

1. You keep lying to her.

She is now officially tired of your lies after she has drowned in them for so long. You probably cheated a number of times and even though you thought you wouldn’t get caught she did catch you, probably forgave you but eventually you’re just another wicked man to her.

2. You stopped making her feel special.

It is the simple things that matters. Taking her out on dates, hanging out together and actually having a conversation and telling her she looks good when she does, those things actually matter.

3. She wants something different and it is not you.

You probably changed and all the lies you told her in the beginning, she is tired of those. People change but ever since you became a monster she decided that she should have higher standards so goodbye.

4. She is bored.

Well, this just means what it does. You used to be interesting and fun to even talk to but now you are just unexciting. The worst thing is that you don’t actually try to be interesting.

5. You’re abusive.

You emotionally and mentally drain her. With your unnecessary complaints and all the negative things you say to her. Some men are even physically abusive and still expect a woman to love and respect them. Totally absurd.

6. You keep criticizing her.

You never give her positive criticism you only know how to negate from her. When she cooks you keep saying her food is too salty or she doesn’t know how to cook yet she tried. You say things in a mean way and it just puts her off.

7. You’re lazy and she can’t deal with that anymore.

Some men just don’t understand that they need to work hard and that love does not pay the bills. You have probably refused to grow up and she cannot be yoked to someone that is not ambitious and just wants a woman to pay his bills and be the hardworking one.

8. She found someone who treats her better.

That guy probably just treats her ten times better and she is not about to struggle with a man that does not see her worth.

9. You make her feel alone so that makes you unreliable.

The fact that she cannot rely on you means that you’re no longer a need in her life. She is in a relationship with you but you’re never really there, you ignore her and if she doesn’t feel like a priority then you have lost her.

10. You are just not good in bed.

Well maybe you just don’t have it in you anymore and well women have needs too.

11. She thought the honeymoon phase would last forever.

The reality is that the honeymoon phase does not last forever which just means that

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