“Rich Man Pikin Go Think Say Na Drama Rehearsals” – Check Out Simple Ghanaian Wedding That Set Internet Abuzz

A Ghanaian couple has gone viral over their unique and simple wedding which was captured in a trending video.

The couple exchanged vows in a brief video that went viral, showing the groom in a T-shirt and shorts and his bride in a knee-high skirt.

A clergyman officiated the couple’s simple wedding ceremony in Tema, Ghana, in front of a small group of family members.

While their relatives silently observed, the groom was shown in the video placing the wedding ring in his partner’s hand.

A cleric was invited to the woman’s family home to be joined in holy matrimony, and there was a round of applause when the procedure was completed.

People on social media expressed differing views about the event. Some suggested that the reason for the hastily planned wedding was that he might have gotten her pregnant.

Read reactions below:

@PhillyMonae; Rich man pikin go think say na drama rehearsals 😂

@owusu_davinil; Money no dey you say simple 😂

@MormooreJ; She’s pregnant so what? Should she abort as you do?

@FelixSelormHosu; Did they die?No Will they save money ? Ofcourse Yes

@ShamelessCuler; Few years later these guys are gonna blow…. Life!

@mizstarquajo; He preg am… he dey pay penalty

@MoBlaq__; If roles are changed and women are to pay 100 for marriage ceremonies this will be the norm

Watch the video below:

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