Reasons You Must Not Choose a Wife During The Festive Season

Wedding bell rings round the year but it rings louder during the festive season as more Bachelors and Spinsters walk down the aisle to say farewell to singlehood before entering the new year.

As wedding bells rings for the engaged during the festive season,Bachelors also cease the opportunity to hook-up with their heartthrob who they hope to tie the knot with soon.

Choosing a wife during festive season may lead some men into error because it is usually difficult to know the true identity of a lady at this period. Sit back and see 5 reasons you must not choose a wife during the festive season:

1.Beauty Deception: Beauty deception is one of the major reasons you must not choose a wife during the festive season because all ladies often take time to look beautiful by engaging in facial treatment, nail fixing,wig/attachment fixing,Brazzillian hair,Ghana weaving,pedicure and designers clothes,shoes and bag which beautify them beyond their natural beauty.Her curves and outlook get you infatuated towards her. If you base your decision on this,you will get disappointed after the festive period seeing her real self. Be careful lest you buy made in Taiwan thinking it’s a made in USA.


2. Feign Reception: Due to festive mood; everybody seems to be nice and this will make most ladies be on top of their character thereby making you think she is flawless with qualities of a wife material. That she is full of smiles with readiness to help may not reveal her true character, marrying her because of this may lead you into one of your greatest mistakes of your life. Don’t commit yourself in a rush, give it a test of times.

3. Home Deception: The state of her house can also deceive you because every family always prepare their house specially for the festive period-cleaning the kitchen,using new bedspread, new furniture ,new or clean window blinds and dust-free electronics garnished with yuletide lightening’s which will make the home a place any guy will like to pick a damsel from. When you visit some home after the festive period,you will be exposed to the true nature of such family ,whether dirty or neat .


4.Spending spree: Picking a suitor during the festive period will make you spend beyond your budget because you will try to impress her in all your moves by taking her to film houses, eateries and boutique.Instead of a commercial bus or carb,you will go for Uber to show her that you are classy. This would have raise her expectation thinking that you are a ‘cash man’ and her demand will be high which may finish your savings in no time.

5.You will Be Guided By People’s Opinion: Another reason to be weary of choosing a life-partner during the festive period is that you may be influenced by public opinions which may affect your sense of judgment. Your friends, siblings or parents can call your attention to a particular lady by telling you indirectly or directly that she is very beautiful and goodly. Such recommendation and commendation will not allow you to really pray and be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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In choice making, public opinion may not mean God’s opinion. You may meet a lady during the festive season, but don’t propose immediately. Take your time to study her,pray,and seek for counsel. Never marry a stranger.

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