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7 Reasons Why It Would Be Cooler To Date A Quiet Guy

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– Dating a quiet guy has its advantages

While ladies are the ones known to be the talkative, we also have some guys who talk too much. They are noisy, nosy and sometimes they even gossip. While being gabby has its advantages, there are some ladies who prefer to date quiet guys. The following points may be the reason why.

Getting to know them is fun

Although most nosy guys are popular and they attract attention, it would be worthwhile getting to know about a quiet guy. A lady would want to pay attention and listen especially if he is rich and handsome.

You would feel special

It is likely that since he is quiet, he won’t have many friends. It is likely that he would always be available whenever you need him. That way, you would get to be one of the few people who would have access to him.

They are not full of themselves

Most guys that are quiet are not full of themselves. If you engage in a relationship with one of them, he won’t spend time bragging and boasting about his achievements.


Although we can’t really judge, it is likely that since a guy is quiet, he won’t cheat as opposed to all the guys that are extroverts who attract girls easily.

He would pay attention to details


Since he is quiet, it is likely he would prefer to just sit and listen to you. Also, he would pay attention to all the details without anyone disturbing you. That way, it is likely he would remember most of the things you tell him.

He would be adorable

There is something sweet about a guy who does not talk too much, but rather listens to you.

Since he is quiet, and can’t really use words to express himself, there is a possibility that he would want to balance the equation by surprising you with series of gifts like flowers, breakfast in bed and some goodies.

So even though some people feel that dating a quiet guy will be boring, trust me, dating them also has advantages.

Note that although ladies like quiet guys, ladies would also need them to stand up to their fellow man. So quiet guys, it would not just be good enough that you are quiet, you also have to make sure that you are not boring.

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