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Reactions As Beautiful Lady Proudly Flaunts Her Certificate of Virginity (Photos)

A beautiful South African lady has gone on social media to celebrate after being certified a virgin by the state.

She received a certificate of virginity after undergoing a chastity test at the Sivuselela Amasiko Trust.

It is a custom in some African countries like Malawi, South Africa and Congo for young maidens to be subjected to a purity test.

Beautiful Lady

The lady must be 18 years and above before they can be eligible for testing. The purpose of this test is to encourage female chastity.

A certificate will be presented by the society when the virginity test is completed and the girl has been proven to remain “untouched”.

Photos of the lady in a jubilant mood surfaced on social media and stirred reactions.

Reacting, @tboysquare tweeted: If I agree make I bend 😂

@Cheztoi3Foods: Something ive collected every year?

@harryofido: Call INEC if you need to rig your virg!nity test!

@BossGmoney1: I wished I had known earlier


@iamsmartsheddy: Most Nigerian girls will receive Certificate of Performance instead 😭😂😂

@gerraldfabian: After seeing INEC’s forged election results I no fit believe anything on paper anymore.

@kalu_nnanna17: For this particular babe matter ehn comrade in this life 2 things can happen but 2 happen can never things 😤 shey u Gerrit 👌🏾

@Jeff_Bini: I know say this our virg!n life go pay us one day 💪🏾

@khaleelshot: A meeting was called by the ministry of virg!n affairs, only few of us got certified after thorough checking and tests. I’m proud to be one. The certificate is confidential I should have screenshot.

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