Public Disgrace as Man Abandons Lover at Eatery

A lady who went on a date with her guy was left stranded at a Eatery after she ate the amount of food that she could not afford.

The guy who shared the story online said he ate food worth N3,450 but the lady ate food worth N11, 800.

The guy shared that he told the lady to pay after they finished eating but she got angry so he decided to pay for his own
food and left the eatery.

Here is what the guy shared:
“So I Took a Girl on a date yesterday, her total meal was N11,800. Mine was N3,450. With confidence, I told her to pay for both that I forgot my ATM card and I had low funds (I had my ATM Card and some money tho)
Next thing she said “Why will you even expect me to pay for your food? Who does that?” with an angry face.

Didn’t know whether that was a threat or something but I just called the waiter, paid for mine N3,450 ordered an UBER and left.

Everything she ordered for, I’ve never heard of them before but that’s none of my business. Few minutes later she called me that she didn’t know I would take her statement serious, she is sorry and that she really doesn’t have up to N5,000 with her…

…how can I just leave her and walk away. Oh well, ladies should learn to order what they can pay for and even if you can’t, DON’T BE RUDE like you own the man.


Oh really, but you expect me to pay for yours?”

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