Projects cannot be Executed without the Approval of Budget ~ FPE SU’ DANLAB Tell Students.

Following a pour of heart by the Federal Polytechnic Ede south campus students of the school which has posed a bone of pick, debate or discussion of opposing opinions in the campus, where students of the south campus of the school reportedly alleged the leadership of Danlab of inconsiderate,unaccommodating and un-serendipitous following an incident of inaccessibility to shuttle to the northern part of the campus.

Similarly, reporter gathered that there have been verbal disputes among different student writers,where disagreements have to do with different opinions.

In another development, FPE PRESS reporter on surveillance gathered in a one on one interview with the school SU President while speaking emphasized that “students should know that there’s something called budget and its encompasses all that students clamour for, there are projects that cannot be put in place without the approval of budget, this Government is planning to cut the price of shuttle by #10,we are awaiting approval of budget”.

The SU President while speaking with our correspondent Reporter further stressed that “we are not relenting in delivering our promises to the Nigerian Student,the first place we went to was the south campus because we have them at heart,but seeing them complaining again that we have not been in south campus amaze, I campaigned against been a ceremonial president therefore I will not be one ,it’s our union let’s do it together”

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Futhermore the SU President in his assertion “students should tell us what they need as we are here to serve them”
“Patience is a conquering virtue”

Pending resolution call, the leadership which proven to permit free expression of ideas however urge the sudents to exercise patient with the just 2 weeks old administration.

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