Poor Communication Network Coverage In Federal Polytechnic Ede And In Ede At Large:Call For Revamping And Restructuring | @MTNNG @MTNFoundationNG

I will start by saying “communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success and “Great communication begins with connection”

Poor network coverage is a serious menace in Federal polytechnic Ede and its environs, been a subject of great interest and concern to students of federal polytechnic Ede and residents of Ede, having known that Use of various means of telecommunication now becomes an integrated part of society, Information found to be one of the most important elements for the efficient growth of an economy. With efficient use of telecommunication one can remove various constraints of all the sectors in the economy resulting into increased productivity and better administration. Effective controlling mechanism can be possible only through better communication achieved by consistent and uninterrupted network, Communication plays very important role in the human life,the telecom provides a wide range means of communication and it has become permissible and increasingly common for network operators in a town like Ede where there are amples of educational institutions to use telecom devices as well as services for research and interpersonal reasons and ostensibly telecommunication are connected to other sectors of the economy through back – Up and forward linkages. signal problems can be frustrating. Students and residents of Ede had long suffered from coverage gaps and the occasional technical glitch.

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Agreeably Ede town When compared with other towns , it was observed that Ede town lacked the necessary infrastructure required for the deployment of telecommunications services,therefore network providers must embark on the accelerated roll-out of core telecoms network which comprise of the infrastructure needed to support their operations in that town .

It is also worthy of note that, with just limited base station sites currently on ground to service a population of thousands of people, the major contributor to the quality of service challenges has always been network capacity constraint, there is still not enough telephony towers and masts sufficient to meet the Ede residents communication needs, the operating companies have not been able to expand their networks fast enough to meet the ever-growing demands in Ede town and federal polytechnic ede (subscribers),It is also pertinent to note that network service cannot be provided in an area if telecommunications infrastructure (Mast) isn’t located in that area or at least within its proximity.

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Hence, you will vehemently concur with me that there’s no more important consumer product today than a cell phone,thus,network providers (MTN ,AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE,others) should go on their toes, should take laudable steps to ensure that telecom Consumers in Federal polytechnic Ede and Ede community at large are adequately provided for especially with regards to erection of efficient delivery telecom masts at Ede north and Ede South, which are the transmitting antenna and to ensure proper elevation of antennas that receive and transmit signals from cell phones and other devices.

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