Phyna Calls Out For Allegedly Slapping Groovy Twice

Big Brother Naija winner, Phyna has been called out for allegedly physically assaulting her ex-boyfriend, Groovy for betraying her.

Her fans known as Phynation said she slapped him because he went behind her back to make a deal which was meant to be for both of them.


During a Twitter space session, the fanbase narrated how a brand reached out to the ex-lovebirds to sign a deal as a couple with the signature name ‘Groophy’ but Groovy was said to have declined since they broke.

However, it was alleged that he returned to the company to pitch the idea of signing on him and this raised some heat when Phyna found out.

The reality star confronted the model after the discovery and in the course of a heated exchange, she allegedly slapped him twice.

It was also alleged that Phyna returned the slap and the chaos escalated into a more worrisome situation that those present decided to intervene.

Fans condemned the BBNaija winner’s action after learning of what happened.

@officialsommy41; Poor Groovy. He endured the mouth odor and everything still come chop breakfast and slap because he refused to sign couple deal with her

@Den_zel21; Weena slapped Groovy cos he did a shoot with nengi & He slapped her back. A brand wanted to sign Groophy,Groovy declined & went behind to beg them sign him only Phyna heard & went to fight him

@Annieberry44; Phyna o lmao she has been tweeting trash all day and we heard gist that she slapped groovy

@Mrkainebinduom; Phyna slapped groovy twice m and groovy slapped her back. And then she slapped him again for doing a photoshoot with Nengi

@defnotdoe; Phyna was also angry when Groovy chose to partner with Chomzy for the brand shoots,but he declined when it was with her. That’s sad,idk why he doesn’t wanna be affiliated with her when it comes to doing business. Is she that razz?

@icytanyaa; A brand wanted to sign Groophy,Groovy declined then went back to beg them to sign him only. Phyna heard and went to fight him😹😹😹

@Rainyzion; No wonder Groovy left her. Girl with such a disgvsting razzzz attitude. What disgr@ce as brand winner of BBN on a day as important like this to the nation. Cancel Phyna abeg!!!

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