Pajawiri App Download, Review, Referral code, How It Works

Pajawiri is a Yoruba Language which means an emergency. It is an app that’s designed to send an SOS to a relative of someone who is in danger.

At an event in Ibadan, Oyo State, which he joined virtually, he boasted that the app will expose criminal elements wherever they are with their victims,

“once the victims have the application installed in their phones, either on or off.”

The eminent professor also disclosed that those who do not use smartphones or browsing phones can use another system called ‘Afinihan’ to link up with those with the full application.

“Afinihan” is another Yoruba Language that means an identifier

The brain behind the design and launch of the app deserves commendations for making a huge contribution to the security of their people.

But, how can the app effectively carry out the task it’s designed to? It raises many questions that require answers.

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For instance, does the proposed Yoruba Nation have a separate database of its people so that the criminal element doesn’t join as a spy?

Are there no criminals among the Yoruba people to have even created an impression that the Pajawiri App was mainly targeted at other criminals from another ethnic group?

How would the app differentiate between a genuine person that needs help from the real kidnapper or spy?

We know that the Pajawiri App is in its “developing” stage and of course the criticisms and challenges of its users can only make it better.

Pajawiri App Review

We headed the application store to download pajawiri Mobile Security App to know how it works and this is our experience.

The app should be able to automatically detect location or make suggestions on location

Concerns of geopolitical zone

The inclusion of Kwara (which is considered one of the Northcentral states) raises the question of re-alignment and could renew tribal sentiments among the Yorubas and the Kwara people

Kogi another North Central state is another concern, could it be because the state shares boundary with the South-west states?

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Other states included in the account setup are Delta and Edo, two South-South States, are they part of the proposed Yoruba Nation?

Pajawiri App Download

The application can be downloaded on Play Store and App Store. Prof. Akintoye also said that the app has a feature ‘Afinihan’ that can be used by those without android phones to link up with those with the full application.

Pajawiri App Download Review

Pajawiri App Referral Code

You need app referral code or a referral identity that has prevented hundreds of people from signing up on the app. Prospective users are asking: Who is the referral identity?

But one of the first set of testers Gbenga Popoola hailed the idea of hiding “referral identity” saying it would make it safer for those who might want to sign up.

“This referral code is the best thing about this app! Don’t release it please. Let an ojulowo Omo Oduduwa refer another. Let us see the Omo ale that will introduce Fulani to the app. Let’s not be in a hurry please. In a week, we can get it to go round through the power of the social media. My view.”

Olayiwola Shoremekuna who corroborated Popoola stated:

“I suspect the code and referral are so as to determine intruders are not allowed in. But this must be handled fast.”

Ayo Odewumi says the app is of no good to anyone since no one can create an account,:

“As long as no one can create an account due to the problem of Referral code, and ipso facto no one can use the app, this app is DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

Effectively, this app does not exist. It is an apparition. The creators also appear to be dead, as there has been not a single response to the numerous req…”

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At the time of this review, sign up was impossible because of referral identity. We’ll keep you updated as we have them.

Wrapping Up

We believe that the “referral identity” is intentional. But right now we’re giving Pajawiri app 3-star because the idea could spur security apparatus to wake up to their responsibilities.

The fact that a group of people could come up to design an app to prevent kidnapping in their domain shows the failure of the Federal Government in protecting lives and properties not just in the south-west, but the entire country.

We hope that the Nigeria Communication Communication under the supervision of the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Isa Pantami will make the pajawiri app innovation work.


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