Owu National Convention: Oba Makama Calls For More Power To Traditional Rulers, Local Govts

The Olowu of Kuta, Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama, has called for more allocation of power to traditional rulers in Nigeria as part of means to curb insecurity in Nigeria.

Oba Makama said this while addressing journalists at the 29th Owu National Convention hosted in his palace in Osun State.

Oba Makama who is also the Chairman of Supreme Council of Owu Obas said the reduction of traditional rulers’ powers is worsening security issues in the country.

According to the Oba, if the traditional institution is given its rightful place by being powerful and strong, security challenges in Nigeria would be a thing of the past.

The monarch enjoined Nigerians and political office holders to restore traditional institution’s powers, noting that it was worrisome that monarchs have limitations in their roles.

He added that it was absurd that constitutionally, monarchs have to take permission from Local Government Secretary before leaving the town, says it reduces the powers of monarchs in Yoruba land.

“Obas in Yoruba Land should not only be influential, but they should also be powerful too,” said Oba Makama while addressing journalists.

He urged the generation of youths to take back the power from old politicians adding that Nigeria used to be organized.

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“Our sons and daughters in political offices should have a rethink and do the needful. The colonialists met Nigeria well organised.

“They (colonial Masters) have to reduce monarchial powers to be able to penetrate well. If monarchs are given constitutional roles, insecurities will be tamed,” Oba Makama noted.

Owu National Convention

On the allocation to Traditional rulers, the monarch noted that rulers find it uneasy to cope with in the discharge of their responsibilities.

“That five percent Local Government allocation is given to Obas is grossly inadequate. Most traditional rulers are not finding it easy,” the frontline traditional ruler noted.

On Saturday, sons and daughters of Owu across the globe converged at the palace of the Olowu of Kuta, Ayedire Local Government Area of Osun.

Speaking at the 29th Osun National Convention, former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo called for more unity in Owu land just as he advised the Owu people to do more in helping one another.

Obasanjo acknowledged that Owu people are very hard-working and they are not lazy people adding that the people of Owu land do not steal.

According to him, any Owu indigene involved in the act of stealing should be investigated positing that such a person may not be true son or daughter of the Owu People.

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Explaining the rationale behind the convention, Obasanjo, who is also an Owu Indigene, said it was for all indigenes of Owu to know one another and develop their land.

According to him, “Owu People do not steal. If you steal any Owu indigene stealing, ask the mother where she brought him from. I want us (Owu indigenes) to be more United. We are doing empowerment and giving out scholarship.”

Obasanjo also congratulated the new president of Royal Union of Owu People, Alhaji Fatai Akinbade and tasked him to unite indigenes and ensure the growth of the people of Owu.

Alhaji Fatai Akinbade is the newly elected president of the Royal Union of Owu People (RUOP).

At the inauguration of the 7th RUOP National Executive Committee, Akinbade promised to ensure that Owu People develop rapidly.

He appealed to Owu sons and daughters who are in various Yoruba socio-cultural groups to always strive to make the difference but giving their best so as to make the nation great.

The guest lecturer at the convention, the Vice-Chancellor of Bowen University, Iwo, Prof Joshua O. Ogunwole said diversities in Nigerian language and culture should advantageous to the country.

Delivering his lecture titled: “Harmony in Owu Polity, a Recipe For National Unity,” Ogunwole said “language, territorial and ethnic diversities are no excuses for a paralysed economy, epileptic security and a weakened identity of the Nigerian peoples.

“In the reality of the indispensability of interactions and contact in the global village, Nigeria could adopt relevant traits and values from apparently United cultures. However, she must incorporate these external influences to fit into the indigenous administrative patterns and models provided by the Owu nation.”

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The annual meetings are hosted by each Olowu and his domain in rotation, and 2019 was the first to be held by Owu Aiyepe in Odo Olowu, Ijebu and the 2020 convention which is 29th Owu National convention was hosted by Oba Makama.

There are several Owu townships and settlements in Abeokuta district of Ogun State, and besides Abeokuta where they have their paramount traditional head in Oba Olowu of Owu Kingdom, several villages in the hinterland of Abeokuta district, found by Owu people after their arrival at Abeokuta, have metamorphosed into towns and cities and now with Owu crowned kings.

Available records show that among these settlements are, Awowo, Akinale, Lapeleke, Onigbedu. Abule Owu, Papalanto, Abalabi, Arigbajo, Ejio, Onihale, Ibogun-Olaogun, Ibogun Balogun, Ibogun Oshugboye, Orile Ifo, to mention a few.

Other Owu townships as members of the Union are Owu Omu-Ijebu, Owu-Ijebu, Owu Ikija, Owu Iji, Owu Aiyepe (in Ogun State); Owu Agbowa Ikosi, Owu Epe, Owu Mushin, (in Lagos state); Orile Owu, Owu Ikire, Owu Modakeke, Owu Gbongan, Ilemo Owu, Owu Telemu, Owu Kuta, Owu-Epe-Ijesa (in Osun State): Owu Ogbere, Owu Ibadan, Owu Erunmu, Owu Ajaawa, Owu Ogbomoso, Owu Erunmu (in Oyo state) and Owu Oke-Ode, Owu Obaloyan and Owu Isin (in Kwara state).

Source: ngnews247.com

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