Outrage at Lead British International School, Parent Slaps Bullying Student (Video)

The ongoing drama at Lead British International School, Abuja, took a new turn on Tuesday morning, when a parent slapped the emale student who bullied her classmate.

Ngnews247 reported that an X user, @mooyeeeeeee, posted two videos where the victim, she identified as Maryam Hassan, was repeatedly slapped by another female student.

The video generated outrage among Nigerians, who called on the school authorities to investigate the matter.

Some parents stormed the school on Tuesday, hoping to address and resolve the incident.

Maryam Hassan was also seen alongside her parents, and mild drama ensued as one of the parents of the bullied student was captured, scolding her over the action.

The lady said, “She is proud of what she did. You are proud of what you did! You are proud right? Someone’s child; innocent child, you beat her, did you give birth to her? I am asking you, did you give birth to her?”

The student was trying to walk away to avoid confrontation, but the angry parent shoved her, saying, “I’m asking you: did you give birth to her?”

Maryam said she was sorry, but the angry parent responded with a slap before another elderly person moved around to douse the tension.


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