OSUSTECH Institution Fees Increments: Student Union Government React

Student Union Government Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH SU),Okitipupa.

Press statement! Press statement!! Press statement!!!

We must tell them the truth

Without much ado dilly dally,it is said that ” to hell with the one who is silent in the face of injustice”

For we have known freedom is not freely given by the oppressor but forcefully demanded by the oppressed and on that note we have come out of our shells.

We have been pushed to the wall and we will not just fold our arms to watch the masses suffer because the believe of every knight is he might go to war and never come back but one thing he holds on to is he would fight till the last breath.

It is inhumane for ;

acceptance fee to be increased from #40,000 to #50,000

School fees to be increased from #70,000 to {#100,000} for indigenes and from #70,000 to (#150,000) and (200,000) for non-indigenes

And this Nigeria student strongly frown at.

The state government and the management of the Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) have shown an act of oppression, intimidation, hardened heart making education too expensive to be afforded. This on their part shows not being considerate as the nation is in a state that is nothing to write home about.The nation is turned down that affording three square meal is hard.

You are all a product of free education and it was never this expensive in your time. You have decided to make life miserable for the masses and Nigeria students say No to this.

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It is on this note you are advised to do the needful by reducing the acceptance fee to and the school fees to its original state, please we are beseeching on all Osustech stakeholders to support us on this journey.

Note: All fresher’s are advised not to pay a dime to the school account until after proper negotiations and agreement has been reached with the University management.

#Save Osustech must stand

Aluta Continua,

Victoria ascerta.


Comr. Mawonnomi Samuel

SU President


Comr. Saporu Michael

SU Gen. Secretary



Comr. Obabire Adebayo

SU PRO/ Press president


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