Osun 2022: Ademola Adeleke Stands Brighter Chance To Win Than 2018 – PDP Chieftain, Ayodele Asalu

A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party in Osun State and an aspirant for the House of Representatives seat in the 2019 general election on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. David Ayodele Asalu, popularly known as Asler, in this exclusive interview with our correspondent opined that the PDP and her candidate during the last governorship election Senator Ademola Adeleke stand a brighter chance to win the race come 2022 more than that of 2018.

This among many other issues were discussed with our correspondent.

Question: In the last 2019 election, you contested for House of Rep seat in Ede Federal Constituency and you lost the PDP ticket, did you have any regret?

Asalu: Regret? No, I don’t have any regret. I did my best to reach out to the Party Leaders, Executives and delegates across the Local Governments that made up the Federal Constituency to canvassed for their supports and votes, eventually I lost to Hon. Bamidele Salam. I was denied the party ticket not because I’m not better, it’s just like two people playing game on a draft board where anyone can win. Don’t forget this is politics. The people(delegates) made their choice principally on the fact that Egbedore LG has never been elected to represent our Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives among the 4LGs. That is where Hon. Bamidele Salam hails from and the sentiment favoured him. I believe that was how God want it. I’m a man of fate and faith. I have faith in God that my time is coming, and it will be soon. So I have no regret.

Question: In the last 4months, you have facilitated series of empowerment programmes for the people of Ede Federal Constituency despite not being a member of the House of Representatives, what are the secrets?

Asalu: You see, I threw the hat to the ring in 2019 election not to enrich myself but to bring good dividends of democracy to the people of the constituency. I was in the race because I understand the terrain of the National Assembly. I’ve been a staff of the National Assembly for the past 13years, so I understand the nitty-gritty of NASS. Many federal lawmakers are underperforming because they don’t understand how things work in the National Assembly. To the majority of them, it was usually at the tale of their 4years in office before they begin to understand how things work. Back to your question, Yes, I’m not a Member of the NASS and I’m facilitating programmes to my constituency. The simple secret is that I can lobby, and upon realizing that I don’t need to wait until I’m elected as federal lawmaker before I can use whatever power is within my reach to better the lives of my constituents at home. Series of programmes we facilitated in 2020 are tips of the iceberg to the super ones coming in 2021. I’m passionate to better more lives.

Question: Going by the ongoing crisis in PDP of Osun State, do you think your party can take over power from the current APC Government in 2022?

Asalu: Obviously, PDP stands a better chance more than that of 2018. Let me first get something clear to you, the ongoing intra-party imbroglio will have no effect on the 2022 gubernatorial race. If you ask me how, I will like to point to you that as tough as the battle on who becomes the Chairman of PDP in Osun that started in 2016 and ran till March 2018(about 6months to gubernatorial election) between Adagunodo/Faforiji, the whole world is much aware that the PDP won the governorship election but was upturned by the power that be. The internal issues in the party are very normal which are not even alien to the APC too. They have their issues they are battling. Among two brothers from the same womb, they are bound to have misunderstanding and they resolve it. Another gubernatorial election in Osun is almost 2years away and the current challenges in the Osun PDP are just child play to what we had then and I can assure you that we shall resolve all internal issues anytime soon and jointly begin plan on how dislodged the APC government in the State without any delay. Also remember that, majority of those who voted for SDP, ADP and ADC across the State have returned to PDP. We have received members from APC too. So we stand a better chance even more than 2018.

Question: Do you have gubernatorial aspirant of your choice?

Asalu: Senator Ademola Adeleke is my choice and this is simply because, you don’t change a winning team. For someone to have polled over 255,000votes against the incumbent government who enjoyed federal might means that he was very popular among the electorate and the preferred choice of the people of Osun. If the results was not manipulated in favour of the APC candidate Gboyega Oyetola, Senator Ademola Adeleke should have been on the seat by now as the Executive Governor of Osun State. Since he was cheated and everyone can attest to that fact, I believe he is the best bet for PDP in the 2022 governorship poll. Be that as it may, we(PDP) don’t need to give ourselves unnecessary headache to scout for who to present in 2022. PDP and her candidate in the 2018 governorship election, Senator Ademola Adeleke, stands a brighter chance to win again and I believe that the people of Osun still have much trust in the government of PDP through him. By all standards, he is a man to beat, so he is my choice.

Question: A week ago, we heard that a federal lawmaker Hon. Ajilesoro withdrawn support from the gubernatorial aspiration of Ademola Adeleke, don’t you see that as a setback?

Asalu: With the latest information at my disposal, I can tell you that everything is under control. The relationship between Senator Ademola Adeleke and Rep. Bimbo Ajilesoro is mutual and they are in accord as of this moment. Rep. Bimbo Ajilesoro is 100% in the project of Ademola Adeleke for Governor in 2022.

Question: 2023 general elections are coming, are you planning to contest again?

Asalu: By the special grace of God, I will contest for the House of Representatives seat come 2023, with the support of God, the Supreme decider of human destiny and the supports of the people of Ede Federal Constituency, I’m going for that race to win. Because God sees my heart that I’m going there to give quality representation that the constituency deserves.

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