Okrika Seller Finds $1850 Inside Her Bale of Clothes, Nigerians React

A Nigerian man has called out the sister of one of his friends who sells “okrika,” over her refusal to return the money she found in her bale.

According to the story shared by the man, the Okrika seller unexpectedly found herself wealthy, after finding $1850 (N1.5 million) hidden inside the bale of Okrika clothing she had purchased.

The woman contacted @UncleCCA on Twitter in search of advice, and he suggested that she return the money to show her belief that she is a child of God.

He urged her to act morally and emphasized the value of honesty and integrity.

However, after he advised the Okrika seller to return the money she found in her bale, he discovered that he was no longer able to see her WhatsApp status or send her messages.

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He wrote; “My friend’s sister who sells Okirika, just found $1850 in the bare of Okirika she bought. I asked her to return the money to the owner. As a child of God, you’re to return it. I can no longer see her WhatsApp status anymore and my messages are no longer delivering.”

Social media users have reacted to the advice the man shared with the lady.

@ubig1 said: “Unfortunately, you have been blocked. Asking her to return almost 2 million. I’m sure she will call it a miracle.”

@Iphie__ commented: “By right of ownership, that’s her money now. If you buy a land from a person and unbeknownst to them, there’s gold in the land. Once money and documents of ownership have changed hands, they can’t lay claim to the gold. This can also apply if the land were to be given as a gift.”

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@capt _jayy said: “It’s the new WhatsApp update. Try to uninstall and reinstall the app.”

@RaybanJohn reacted: “If I return am make I know wetin cause am.”

@Advantage_EG said: “Where will she return the money to?”

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