By Oluwashayo Taiwo

Earlier last week, before the popular epistle of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo went viral, I was thinking meditatively on the effect of media on Nigeria issue(s).

The terrible influence it had swept into our reasoning and how it is deliberately employed by some sinister bandwagon to bewitch our judgement and lead us astray.

My conclusion was, Nigerians are too gullible (fair apology). We easily believe printed words and the soft information behind our digital screens, most especially when it is delivered by some demigods that we hold in high esteem despite their palpable pool of failures.

The truth is, we are too lazy to think for ourselves. We’ve long surrendered the wheel of our collective thoughts to some certain individuals.

And we are ready, at any point in time, to buy from their residue of thought, even when it’s obvious they are either politically driven for selfish objective(s) or they just preferably and conveniently love to thread the path of talking without adequate actions to corroborate it.

One major clog in our wheel of progress is definitely the act of allowing persons to teach us what to do, even when they had the best opportunities to do the same, they failed woefully.

It is a conventional truth that you can not give what you don’t have – and what you have should be pragmatically evident in you.

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If someone could not effect a change he is so sure of, when he was convincingly on the horse back for almost a decade, then I consider his words not necessarily commendable and tenable for the desired change the nation currently need.

President Olusegun Obasanjo is no doubt a very calculative and timely political juggernaut, whose shrewdness and knowledge of democracy has put him on the pinnacle of leadership not only in Africa, but globally.

The words and caveat of such an individual can not be held with levity and moreover every individual is subjected to his/her personal opinion but at the same time one should be wary of completely dancing to the tune of a known devil (that is for Nigerians and not for Mr President).

He has indeed spoken well; almost the thoughts and grievances of an average Nigeria was encapsulated in his letter.

Over the years, his numerous exposure and a reflective view as a third party to the government might have informed him enough for a drastic change in his ideologies and modality.

Those words contained in his public letter directed to the highest authority in the land and its co-travellers was as golden as I believe he feels as a private citizen of this nation, but I personally won’t subscribe to his choice antidote or panacea for a problem he was obviously one of the chief architects.

The erstwhile President is an astute and acumen politician. He purposely came out openly to strip the incumbent administration naked for an obvious reason.

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The political indices of the present government is not exalting his personal motives, and Nigerians are already publicly denouncing a ‘government of the Fulani militia, by the Fulani militia and for the Fulani militias’.

Buhari’s government and APC is degenerating and becoming unpopular everyday. To him (Obasanjo), he is not ready to be remarried to his first bride (PDP).

That birthed the floating of a third power force he christened Coalition of Nigeria. It is tacitly another objective stratagem to hegemonize and empower some cabals to rape the Nigerian nation as a replicate of 2015.

If the youths are going to jump at any facade stratagem that publicly mentions and acknowledges them subserviently for obvious political reasons, then I boldly declare indifferent.

I am absolutely not yielding to another rape on my intelligence. The last time, the southpaw that won the rationality and robbed the collective intellectual of my great country men was a fight against corruption by some ‘change’ crusaders, and now since the acclaimed fighter of corruption is as corrupt as the initial victim – the story has changed, so is the strategy.

The new currency to exchange for our collective intelligence is now youthocrazy, nepotism, restructuring and several other preconceived mantras under the umbrella of Coalition of Nigeria as the erstwhile President suggested.

Truthfully, the Buhari led Federal government has grossly betrayed our trust and aspiration in the messianic change we massively voted and ushered in, due to its insensitivity, negligence, nepotism and dereliction of duty.

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The Presidency with its body languages has clearly without any iota of ambiguity registered its incapability and obvious clannishness in the heart of Nigerians.

Maybe Buhuri has not completely failed; as he still have some few months to prove himself otherwise, but embarking on a tussle for another four years is absolutely unfair to himself and the entire nation.

There are millions resourceful and capable hands out there that can perform better on the horse back; absolutely not Atiku Abubakar (they are both a choice of evil and devil).

Nigerians, most especially, the youths should be wiser now. We shouldn’t subscribe to the tales of ordinary words that can’t practically salvage us from our gross misfortune, and wittingly sieve off another preconceived sugarcoated platform intended to sell another failure to us.

Though we might reflectively glean enough wisdom from the words of the octogenarians to look deliberately into the past and come up with sufficient knowledge to premise a foundation for a progressively well-conceived future for our dear nation.

And I strongly believe we’ve just started the voyage to a new and brighter Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

Publicised: Adedapo Yusuf (Fossu)

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