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OAU Student Seeks Justice as Lecturer Stops Her From Writing Exam After Allegedly Flirting With Her

A lecturer of the identified as has been called out for allegedly harassing a female student and also stopping her from writing her exams.

A student of the institution took to Facebook to share an incidence that happened between his female friend and a Lecturer, according to his post, his friend was sitting outside the exam hall waiting for her next paper which was scheduled for 12 noon, when a lecturer walked up to her and was trying to strike a conversation with her.

The female student allegedly asked who he was and the lecturer got angry and told her to leave that premises, but she reportedly ignored him and stood still, then the man called the school Security Officials to lock her up, the time the event took place was about 11:28, so she pleaded with them that she has an exam to seat for by 12 noon but they ignored her plea and locked her up.

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According to him, the female student didn’t know he was a lecturer since he was reportedly flirting with her.

The student is seeking for justice, because his friend missed her exams that was supposed to hold by 12 noon. In his final statement, he left ome rhetorical questions, he wrote; “Is it an offence to ask who you are when the person(lady) you are talking to doesn’t know who you are? Is it an offence to be given a right to her exam inspite of whatever circumstances? Are the security not supposed to question both parties instead of melting out injustice because she is a student and he a staff? What happened to right of fair hearing? The university is messed up, OAU is messed up,we want justice cos this has not only physical impact but a great setback and injustice to the girl in question?”

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