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‘Number of African Ladies In Their 40s And 50s Without A Husband In UK Is Alarming’ – UK-Based Nigerian Man Laments

A Nigerian lawyer resident in the UK has expressed worry over the number of single ladies of African descent in the country.

Identified as Dele Olawanle, he shared his concern in a tweet he made on Saturday.

In his post, Dele wondered why so many African ladies in their 40s and 50s are without husbands.

According to him, this was not the case years ago.

In his words;

“The number of African ladies in their 40s and 50s without a husband in the United Kingdom is alarming. What is going on? It was not like this years ago #worryingsigns”

Mixed reactions have trailed Dele’s tweet with users living in and out of the UK commenting on the issue.

See comments and Dele’s post below:

@simisola10 asked:
“Please can I ask, what is wrong with not having a husband?”

@oladeniolufunm2 wrote:
“With the kind of men we have out there, career women would not mind being alone than being with a man that thinks with his manhood”

@Brights___ commented:
“I think nowadays the focus of women is geared towards power than family. The idea of freedom is what drive most women. I think they see marriage as one way to be enslaved by men. Men in our generation needs a lot of education as well”

@Kels_Decor asked:
“How is it your business? Acting concerned when you actually just want them to drag women”


@AguomaC observed:
“You know what else changed since years ago? The ladies now make their own money and don’t have to marry who they don’t like”

@Larrytee23 wrote:
“I believe the system here tends to make social life difficult… the Working environment here is not too friendly like back home..No friend or chart per say… everyone work and move out to their various places after work.. Before you know it night falls and its dark again”

@osondueverest wrote:
“I think men are scared of marrying in the West because of so much power women has, the rather date for 8years have 2kids together and path ways without being legally married”

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