Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel, Can Accommodate 5,000 Guests [Video]

A giant nuclear-powered ‘flying hotel’, complete with a gym and swimming pool is set to carry 5,000 passengers in unparalleled luxury.

A new CGI video details how the AI-piloted Sky Cruise plans to remain airborne for months at a time, while also docking to take on new passengers, or to drop off anyone board.

The futuristic hybrid between a plane and hotel – which has 20 engines powered by nuclear fusion – is designed never to land.

Hashem Alghaili, who created the incredibly detailed mockup of the monster aircraft, says the nuclear-powered sky cruise “could be the future of transport”.

Designed to run 24/7, Alghaili even adds that running repairs would be carried out in-flight – a first in aviation.

And, when asked how many people it would take to fly this gigantic plane, he said: “All this technology and you still want pilots?

“I believe it will be fully autonomous”.

Despite plans for a man-less ride, the Sky Cruise will still require plenty of staff on board to be at every passengers beck and call.

Nuclear powered flying hotel Reddit

The greatly detailed video also promises restaurants, a gigantic shopping mall, a gym, theatre and even a swimming pool – all in the sky.

The promotional clip also promises the human boarded UFO to be the perfect wedding venue, if you’re brave enough.

And it would be perfect as the Sky Cruise offers a panoramic hall, offering breath-taking 360 degree views of the outside.

Nuclear powered flying hotel reddit

However, despite the greatness promised, not everyone is on board with the idea.

Some have called the Sky Cruise concept the ‘new Titanic‘, pointing out a plethora of issues with its design.

The huge aeroplane would have issues taking off, and would be far from aerodynamic. Others also pointed out faults with its weight, saying that if an aircraft powered by a nuclear reactor crashed, it could destroy a city.

Nuclear powered flying hotel reddit

One nervous passenger said: “Great idea putting a nuclear reactor in something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.”

While someone else commented “I’m sure I would be able to afford a ticket for the lowest deck with no leg space and no access to the lounge”.

And a third wrote: “Those exposed elevators are a big nope for me. Uneven drag would also like a word on those. The engines look suspiciously like jet engines, fusion reaction is used as a magic future energy source, and your animation never bothered to raise the landing gear.”

Nuclear powered flying hotel reddit

And, the massive development cost is also another concern. Some predicted that a trip like this would cost a fortune, saying: “While this is interesting concept and its is capable to built it with current technology, this thing would be super expensive and no doubt only rich would be able to book this hotel”.

Others however are keen to be the first people on board.

One person said: “Hilarious! It’s like someone got in a time machine, traveled to 2070, found a retrofuturism video based on our era (as opposed to the 1950s or 1800s) depicting what people from our era thought our future would look like.”

Nuclear powered flying hotel

And a second wrote: “I would much rather prefer a nuclear airship, as the space available will be far greater, but nevertheless, the creativity behind the idea is wonderful and I hope the planners get somewhere someday.”

While many have their hopes set high for the giant hotel, the Sky Cruise is still far in the future.

Even if an aircraft like this is built one day, there are some things that can never change.

As one commenter pointed out: “I bet I still end up next to someone else’s screaming three year old for the entire trip”.

Nuclear powered flying hotel

And a second smartly said: “If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, then this vessel might actually be able to take off.”

However, their concerns shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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