Nollywood Actor, Yomi Fabiyi says powerful prayer for Ingrates as he Unveils Massive Project

Nollywood actor and producer, Yomi Fabiyi has said a powerful word of prayer for ingrates.

The Yoruba movie star who has claimed on several occasions to have been used by people to climb to the top has prayed for them.

While unveiling his new Rocklaf studios, Yomi Fabiyi listed out the rare gifts which he always feels.

The actor surprised many when he revealed that he is surrounded by 200 ingrates. However, is grateful that the number of grateful souls surpasses the number of ingrates.

Praying for the ingrates, he quoted the popular saying that helpers don’t lose rather ingrates do.

“Inu mimo ja j’ogun

Having clear conscience, support system to whoever needs it or your ally, humility, loyalty, honesty, a grateful spirit, effective memory, respect, consistency, etc are rare gifts I always feel.

As many as those who forget me after using me, another set of people never forsake or try to crush me when they come back to their feet. 200 ingrate, 250 grateful souls.

I conclude that the high number of ingrates I encounter now is NOT a curse. These actions of theirs will turn into unique blessings, outstanding glory, and favor for my children and future generations despite KARMA still going to deal with them. Next time, don’t pity me or get curious while the people helped turn against me often, and like wild animals, whatever they deny you from will TURN, unmerited and miraculous favor for your children and great-grandchildren. HELPERS DON’T LOSE INGRATE DOES”.

One of those such ingrates could be Mo Bimpe, who Yomi Fabiyi has often accused of laying false allegations against.

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Mo Bimpe accuses Yomi Fabiyi of sexual assault

Recall that for years, there had been rumors of the wife of Adedimeji Lateef having an escapade with Yomi when she was working with him.

Contradicting the reports, Mo Bimpe stated that Yomi didn’t ask her out until she finished shooting his movie, Oko Iyabo which shot her into the limelight.

According to her, Yomi stated that if he knew she would have turned his proposal down, he would have made his feelings known before shooting the movie with her.

Mo Bimpe added that she isn’t on talking terms with the actor because he told her to either date her or be enemies with her and she had no choice but to choose the latter.

According to the actress, the primary reason for Yomi Fabiyi’s action was that she didn’t make herself available for his sexual needs despite how much he had pressured her.

Yomi Fabiyi exposes Mo Bimpe, takes swipe at Toyin Abraham

However, Yomi Fabiyi debunked the allegation as he recounted how he helped Mo Bimpe rise to stardom by starring her in his movie when nobody knew her.

In an interview, he revealed how Mo Bimpe betrayed and dumped him after she helped him in his career and made Toyin Abraham her mentor. Yomi claimed that the Toyin who Mo Bimpe has made her mentor didn’t respond to her when she greeted her the first time they met at his location.

Yomi doubled down on his claims that he never asked Mo Bimpe for sex before starring her in his movie.

He alleged that the wife of Lateef Adedimeji was trying to use him as a scapegoat and accuse him of sexual assault after sleeping with many more before marriage”.

“I made Actress Mo Bimpe who she is today by starring her in my movie when nobody knew her and I never asked her for sex before I put her in the movie. The Toyin she made her mentor today didn’t respond when she greeted her the first time they met at my location. Why is she screaming my name for Sexual assault when many men have slept with her before she settled down”.



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