“No Let People Cry to God for Your Matter” – VeryDarkMan Calls Out Comedian Sabinus for Ditching A Show After Being Paid

Controversial activist, VeryDarkMan has called out popular skitmaker, Sabinus for not showing up for a show after he got paid.

He criticised Sabinus in the viral video for taking money for a show he knew he wouldn’t be able to attend and for only giving the show’s organisers a refund at the last mark.

VeryDarkMan disclosed that he forwent the chance to appear in the music video for Phyno and Burna Boy’s recent single, “Do I,” in order to protect the event planners from unruly protesters.

In typical VeryDarkMan fashion, he provided proof for every accusation he made against Sabinus.

He pointed out that the skit maker has a history of leaving viewers waiting out of self-interest.

In the viral video, he also disclosed that Mr. Funny had previously objected to taking a picture with him for unspecified reasons.

The activist warned Sabinus not to allow people shed tears because of him.


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