NNU INCOME PROGRAM – How I Make Minimum Of ₦50,000 (Naira) And Above Monthly

The business am introducing you to is called NNU (Nigeria News Update.)

This is NNU Income which is legally registered with the CAC. Its a platform where u earn daily by just doing simple task like reading, commenting & posting News Update with a token of N1,600. With this amount u forever become an affiliate and begin to earn daily as much as u work earnestly by putting to practice those simple task listed above.

NNU means Nigeria News Update. NNU is a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participants to earn passive income on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As a member you have 4 simple ways to make money daily into your Bank account.

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1. On this platform you are paid #100 naira for each sponsored post you share on Facebook timeline daily.*

2. You’re also paid #50 naira on your first login to your Nnu income account every day

3. You also earn #2 on any news topic that you read and comment on the site, all you do is just to comment on the news posts. And you can comment on as many news topics as you want let’s say 100 to 200 or more daily

4. You earn #1000 for each person you invite to join Nnu income program

Assuming you can refer at least 20 to 30 or 50 people, do you know that’s a whooping #20,000 to #50,000 monthly?

5. Earn #100 by posting NEWS and get admin approval


The first person that shares sponsored post on his or her Facebook timeline earns #500 airtime or data

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*Let’s calculate daily login to your Nnu account #50 x 30 days = #1500

*Sharing of sponsored post daily #100 x 30 days = #3000
Your daily comment on the site ==> 100, 200 x 30 days = #3,000 and #6,000 respectively

*Earn #100 by posting NEWS and get admin approval, you get paid for it #100 x 30days= #3000
You make #1,000 for every person you refer to this program.

NOTE: Referral is optional and not compulsory as you still earn and get paid without referring anyone.

You Want to Register for NNU Program?


√ Step 1: Fill in your correct details like name, email etc.
√ Step 2: Choose Pay stack as payment option and Pay your N1,600 using your ATM Card or you’d be provided with bank details where you can pay to.
Once payment is complete, your account is approved automatically, no need to wait.
√ If the payment doesn’t go through, try and initiate it again.
√ Step 3: Make Money easily
√ You can likewise contact us for a referral on how to get a coupon code for quick approval.

NNU is the Best for now and it’s paying very well, you don’t have to be afraid.

Payment is carried out on 27th to 30th of every month with a minimum threshold of #5000

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Registration is #1,600

It is just a one time payment, which means if you register and pay now, you earn with just #1,600 forever

All you have to do on the site is to log in everyday, comment on latest posts and share daily sponsored posts on Facebook or Twitter. You can also earn more by referring people to register on the site, Click Here to Join

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