Nigerians don’t care about corruption, we just want to survive – Singer Simi

Simi in her tweets poured out her heart about the state of the country.

The singer who is well known to speak about societal ills and national issues said that every institution of the country is in a mess.

According to her, Nigerians are not even as concerned about corruption anymore but just want to survive.

She added that most Nigerians have resorted to going abroad not because they are the country but because they don’t want to wake up and be afraid.

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she wrote,

We need to reset this country.

I feel like us being mad at each other is cause being mad at the system isn’t working – and we have to put that energy somewhere. Health, Power, Education, Security. Everything is a mess. People are dying because of the most basic things. Sigh.

We’re not even as concerned about the corruption anymore. We just want to survive. We want to get thru every day without being victims.

People aren’t running away cos they hate Nigeria. They’re running cos they feel helpless. They want to wake up every day and not be afraid.

They want to work with the hope that it won’t be for anything. If everybody closes their borders to us, what then?? I’m scared. For me, and the future. My heart is literally racing in my chest.

And I desperately hope that, soon, someone who can do something about it is selfless enough to do it. It must be a sin against humanity for about 200million people to just be surviving and hoping Nigeria doesn’t happen to them next. I’m so sad. And scared.

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