Nigerian Youths, are we actually ready for the politics ?

When Macron became the president of france, the whole world applauded the French system for even allowing such a young man to be their leader. The P.M of North Korean is such a young man too. But, I would rather celebrate these young men for their courage and their tenacity to lead.

Here in my father’s land, the youth of the same age bracket with Macron either still don’t have a direction or possible just finished acquiring degree, and the few youths s who has/have been blessed by god fathers to lead either misused the chance or got drunk by power. (Ask me about Yaya Bello.)

We are not ready to serve, yet we want to lead. How many of us are involved in non profit making organisation to contribute to the growth of our immediate locality? Yet, we want to lead.

When national issue is been discussed on social platforms, its only the speaker and few people that contribute to the topic,but let’s start to discuss about football or entertainment, the traffic of the chats on your the platform will got you upset to the point of putting off ur phone.

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Invite the youth to a symposium or conference, they won’t turn up. Even for physical meetings to deliberate on way forward for Nigeria youths, they will rather go watch champion league’s game at 8:30pm to 11:00pm than to come to discuss their future in the day time.

And the few that are in the political circles are either shortchanging other fellow youths or playing hide and seek.

Youths contributes the larger percentage of the voters in Nigeria, so I could say we are the decider. During riot and protest, who do you see in front? In the church and in the mosque, who is higher in number? Even in military and paramilitary.

We have the number but we lack the capacity and the vision to lead through service. We are most concerned about what will be my benefit, how will come to my pocket. If Macron of France was so concerned about money in government, am sure he will rather remains in France Embassy in Nigeria and makes money rather than running for the office of the president.

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Have been opportune to serve with some set of youths in my state as student/youth leader. My experience always makes me ask if today’s youth are not future fraudsters.

The other day, youth stormed FCT protesting for “NOT TOO YOUNG TO RULE” what’s that for? Is there any paragraph or section in Nigeria’s constitution that says the youth cannot belong to any political party? If no, then what’s stopping the youth from forming a political party across the 36 states and contest to serve rather than contesting to lead.

We are not ready, from the North to the south, West to the East, the youth are all the same. And the earlier we realise this,the greater the chances to deliver this country. Awolowo,ZIK and their caucus rescued Nigeria from the slave masters at their youthful age and it’s on this that this country was founded. So allowing the 18th century men in position by folding ours hand and judging,condemning, debating,supporting them in our sitting rooms is suicidal to our future. But I bet it if we see thing like this.

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Arise!!! Oh compatriots….
The strength of any nation is in her youth.

Be prepared. That is the motto for boys scout.

We need to start getting involved, not to lead, but to serve. We need to start rising up to the situation.
They need us more than the ways we need them.

50 years ago, the old men of today complained about the system of the day at their youthful age, the outcome of their activities is what we are facing today. Some of them are worthy of our appreciations for their services and some could not stand the shame they brought to their families. So, I want us to know that whatever we do today, in the next 30years or more our children will ask questions about our activities too?

If not now, then its when???


Amb. Comr. Esiegbe Emmanuel
Ogun YTO Deputy Coord

#2019 is for the youth

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