Nigerian Students Cause Buzz Online as They Pulled Up to School On a Private Jet

A group of Nigerian students joyfully show off their journey back to school on a private jet, unlike their colleagues who chose other means of transportation.

A video making the rounds captured the moment a group of students supposedly siblings arrived at the airport for their journey to school.

While their mates were at the bus park, these female students were booked a private jet by their parents for ease of transportation back to their school.

The trio utilized the moment by making content from it to share with their fans on the video-sharing platform, Tiktok.

The now-viral video has since generated a wave of reactions from other users who were amazed by their lifestyle.

Reactions as students resume school on a private jet

taiwo_junzi said: “Poor man go think say them they spoil these kids! 😂😂.”

realestmimi_willy noted: “You guys are not even talking about how they dress and look very simple, poor man pikin go do pass😂😂.”

klassyz_hairplugg opined: “Na why I dae hustle hard make my children no think say na film trick😂.”

iamy_b penned: “I need to hustle hard my kids must have a taste of this lifestyle 🙏🏿.”

tenovertenautos said: “Na normal car dem dey use go drop me then and I no still sabi book… if my papa bn get jet God know say I fit no sabi spell my name sef 😢😢😢😫😫😫.”

Watch the video below …

@tomiakinola570 #CapCut school in a bit🗣✨✨ #fyp #covenantuniversity #covenantuniversity #naijatiktok #naija #backtoschool ♬ original sound – Billions✨✨✨

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