Nigerian Muslim Lady Apologizes After Being Dragged for Reciting Holy Quran in Skimpy Dress (Video)

A Nigerian lady has publicly apologised to Muslims over a viral video of her reciting the Holy Quran while she was skimpily dressed.

The clip captures the young Muslim woman known as Sofiat being interviewed on the street by a content creator and she wore a blue dress which showed her cleavage area.

She decided to recite the Quran in response to the interviewer’s request and the clip trended online, thereby generating outrage.

Muslim faithfuls lambasted Sofiat online, so she decided to tender an apology. She explained that when they recorded the clip she did it just for fun not knowing it will go viral.

In her apology video which surfaced online, the lady who was wearing a jalabia and hijab, noted that her actions have tarnished her religion and she begged for forgiveness.

Watch the video below:

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