Nigerian Lady Stunned As She Finds Stash of Biafran Pounds Hidden By Late Grandfather

A young Nigerian lady expresses shock as she uncovers a stash of Biafran Pounds carefully hidden in their house 16 years after her grandfather passed on.

A Tiktok user identified as @pweety.rita took to the platform to showcase the Biafran Pounds; a currency meant to belong to the Republic of Biafra between 1968 and 1970.

Taking to the platform to share the video, the lady emphasized how the money was carefully kept hidden by her late grandfather who died at 103.

Despite the obsolete nature of the Biafran Pounds, the lady caught the attention of many social media users willing to buy some of it from her.

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Reactions as lady find Biafran Pounds hidden away by her late grandfather

iamccgbems stated: “Biafra pounds sterling. Wow! He must be a very rich man back then.”

special_kelz penned: “Keep it safe. It’ll be worth a lot in 30 years.” said: “You could actually auction these as antiques to all these rich people and they’d pay huge sums of money for outdated money😂.”

am_walington added: “I never see that money before , you can actually make millions from that oh by selling it to museums around the world,”

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hunpiya reacted: “Currencies don’t get outdated. Take it to the Central Bank of that country and you will get your value worth. It is only in Nigeria I guess that Bank notes get outdated.”

Watch the video below …

@pweety.rita You’re dead but your money still lives on #CapCut #fypppppppppppp #trending #viralvideo ♬ original sound – pweety Rita❤️

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